What are the characters in The Romeo Division movie

The characters in The Romeo Division movie are
Jade - Maria Alegre
Party Guest - Maia Kaufman
Cortez's Bodyguard - Stepka Li
Erika - Ali Mahon
Party Guest - Marlena Massaro
Lily - Sarah Newett
Party Guest - Drea Plummer
Party Guest - Sarah Rumore
Vanessa - Kate Cavenagh
Anya - Melissa Connor
Party Guest - Brooke Ferguson
Party Guest - Tina Gradilone
Jess - Celeste Green
Party Guest - Jason Garvett
Party Guest - Shane (II) Kennedy
Goon - Lucas (I) Lee
Goon - Brian McGackin
Burnham - Omar (I) Robinson
John Romeo - JP Sarro
Goon - Tim (II) Sheridan
Guard at Party/Goon/Cop - Scott (I) Shipley
Goon - Chris (II) Strickland
Party Guest - Evan (IV) Cohen
Bobby Mako - Matt Donahue
Party Guest - Danny Exum
Lindo Cortez - Carlos Foglia
Goon - Ryan (I) Frame

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