What are the characters in The Silver Key movie

The characters in The Silver Key movie are
Party Guest - Whitney Lambert
Gossipy Girl at Party - Rachel (I) McClure
Elizabeth Huntsford - Patricia (II) Raven
Elizabeth Huntsford - Patricia (II) Raven
Jane Lucy Roseford - Brandi Alyssa Young
Mrs. Huntsford - April Den�e
Party Guest - Lisa Hamrick
Party Guest - Jonathan (I) Hawkins
Soldier - Steven Helton
Charles - Austin Herring
Army Sergeant - Carl Howerton
Agent Warren - Kris Keyes
Dark Haired Boy - Tommy Knight
Agent Tera - Linda (II) Luong
Agent West - Ian (VII) MacDonald
Grandfather Morris - Matthew E. Scharf
Soldier - Steven Preston Shaw
Paul Bannister (younger) - Clem Tibber
Randolph Carter - Conor Timmis
Agent Daw - Dave Tonucci
Handsome Suitor - Brett Yates
Agent Corbeck - Garrett Birdsey
Paul Bannister - Older - Rory Casey
Army Captain - Mike (X) Davidson
Party Guest - Brian (IV) Duckworth
Cowardly Soldier - Joey Duckworth
Soldier - Bob Etzler

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