What are the characters in The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle movie

The characters in The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle movie are
Lady in Revolving Door - Tiny Jones
Bit Part - Dorothy Lovett
Claire Ford - Frances Mercer
Bit Part - Esther Muir
Maggie Sutton - Edna May Oliver
Irene Castle - Ginger Rogers
Irene Castle - Ginger Rogers
Small Role - Jean (I) Stevens
Girl with Stockbrokers - Kay (I) Sutton
Mrs. Foote - Janet Beecher
Guest with the Grand Duke - Ellinor Vanderveer
Mary - Claire's Maid - Lillian Yarbo
Irene's Girlfriend - Mary Brodel
Irene's Girlfriend - Marge Champion
French Landlady - Adrienne D'Ambricourt
Lady Bolton - Elspeth Dudgeon
Small Role - Dorothy George
Irene's Girlfriend - Eleanor Hansen
Irene's Girlfriend - Ethel Haworth
Small Role - Ida May Johnson
Soldier in Nightclub - Jack Gargan
Orchestra Conductor - Paris - Jack (I) George
Papa Aubel - Etienne Girardot
Newsboy at Train Station - Wesley Giraud
Bit Part - Neal Hart
Colonel - Russell (I) Hicks
British Sergeant - Leyland Hodgson
Colonel's Aide - George (I) Irving
Artist - Leonid Kinskey
Charlie - Sonny Lamont
French Cab Driver - Jacques Lory
Frenchman in Hotel - Max Lucke
Hotel Manager - Donald MacBride
Bit Part - Hugh McArthur
Army Pilot - David (I) Mcdonald
French Singer - Louis (I) Mercier
Army Pilot - John (II) Meredith
Frank - Stage Manager at Benefit - Frank (I) Mills
Movie Director - Bruce (I) Mitchell
Nightclub Extra - Edmund Mortimer
British Officer - Leonard Mudie
Vernon Castle - Fred Astaire
Bit Part - Buzz (I) Barton
Bit Part - Max Barwyn
Drag Dancer at Benefit - Emmett (I) O'Brien
Bit Part - Frank (I) O'Connor
Recruiter - Milton Owen
Bit Part - Bill (I) Patton
Adjutant - Steve (I) Pendleton
Bit Part - Jack Perrin
Newsboy at Train Station - Joe Polosci
Small Role - Fred Reinhold
Old Man in Montage - Jack (I) Richardson
Piano Specialty (French Version of 'The Darktown Strutters ' Ball' - Jean Sablon
Emile Aubel - Rolfe Sedan
Dr. Foote - Robert (I) Strange
Streetcar Conductor - Fred Sweeney
Bit Part - D.H. Turner
Grand Duke - Victor Varconi
Bit Part - Theodore von Eltz
Student Pilot - Douglas Walton
Flower Delivery Boy on Bus - Allen Wood
Man Reading Newspaper - William Worthington
Stockbroker - Brooks Benedict
Bit Part - Joe Bordeaux
Frenchman - Eugene Borden
Walter - Walter Brennan
Mechanic - Lynton Brent
Stage Manager at Benefit - Don Brodie
Bit Part - Neal (I) Burns
Announcer at Benefit - Tom Chatterton
Bit Part - Willis Clare
Boy in Montage - Frank Coghlan Jr.
Man in Montage - James Conaty
Wardrobe Man at Benefit - Armand Cortes
Actor in 'Patria' - Roy D'Arcy
Man in Balcony in Fields Audience - Hal K. Dawson
Singer - Dick Dennis
Papa Louis - Clarence Derwent
Train Conductor - Dick (I) Elliott
Adjutant - Frank Faylen
Lew Fields - Lew Fields
Bit Part - Billy Franey

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