What are the characters in The Unloved movie

The characters in The Unloved movie are
Vicky - Andrea (I) Lowe
Lucy's Mother - Susan (I) Lynch
Security Guard - Jane (VIII) Miller
Penny - Penny Morton
Lauren - Lauren Socha
Jackie - Kerry (I) Stacey
Marie - Marie Wheeler-King
Lucy - Molly Windsor
Jules - Katie Withers
Sharon - Lauren Cholerton
PC Cooper - Collette Cooper
Senior Social Worker - Liz Cording
Teacher - Carolina Giammetta
Ladene - Ladene Hall
Muj - Mujtaba Amiri
? - Melvyn Hayes
Johann - Johann Myers
Kennedy - Kennedy Banton
PC Oliver - Mark (XVI) Oliver
Ben - Craig Parkinson
Connor - Christopher (VI) Russell
? - Brian (I) Smith
Michael - Michael Socha
Otis - Otis Thomas
Marcus - Marcus Walters
Kieran - Kieran Wyer
Sam - Sam (IV) Burton
Darren - Darren O. Campbell
Lucy's Father - Robert (I) Carlyle
Karl - Karl (I) Collins
Security Guard - Bobby (I) Dosanjh

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