What are the characters in The Watching Cat movie

The characters in The Watching Cat movie are
Sara - Nancy Bacal
Party Guest - Jo Kirkpatrick
Party Guest - Janet Overton
Moira Ellis - Paddy Webster
Party Guest - Rebecca (XVIII) Wilson
Ruth Ellis - Ruth Dunning
Party Guest - Katrina Evan
Party Guest - Diana (II) Glenn
Secretary - Nonnie Griffin
Catherine Ellis - Jacqueline (I) Hill
Luke Dowling - John (I) Gardiner
Eddie Howell - Graydon Gould
Party Guest - Laurence Herder
Ned Crewe - Murray Kash
Party Guest - Colin Maitland
Party Guest - Glenn (I) Beck
Party Guest - Norman (II) Sherman
Party Guest - Lee (II) Swanson
Party Guest - Lee (IV) Crawford
Will Palmerston - Paul (I) Curran

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