What are the characters in The Wedding Night movie

The characters in The Wedding Night movie are
Party Guest - Miami Alvarez
Helena - Agnes Anderson
Frederica - Violet Axzelle
Saira - Ivy Khan
Sam - Cynthia Quiles
Sam - Cynthia Quiles
Anna - Heidi Shope
Manya Novak - Anna Sten
Hezzie Jones - Hilda Vaughn
Dora Barrett - Helen (I) Vinson
Mrs. Sobieski - Eleanor Wesselhoeft
Emma Kennedy - Alicia Coviello
Mrs. Kaise Novak - Esther Dale
Grandmother - Milla Davenport
Party Guest - Constance Howard
Trevor - Leif Gantvoort
Kyle - Kyle Kuchta
Wedding Guest with Plate - George Magrill
Waiter - Alphonse Martell
Gilly - George (I) Meeker
Party Guest - Jay Belasco
Fredrik Sobieski - Ralph Bellamy
Party Guest - Dennis (I) O'Keefe
Party Guest Mixing Cocktails - Richard (I) Powell
Mr. Jan Novak - Sig Ruman
Hussain - Samba Schutte
Wedding Guest - Harry (I) Semels
Ben Kennedy - Mark (VII) Sherman
Wedding Guest - Bernard Siegel
Sobieski - Leonid Snegoff
Wedding Guest - Robert R. Stephenson
Wedding Guest - August Tollaire
Wedding Guest - Dave Wengren
Leland Heywood - Douglas (I) Wood
Taka - Otto Yamaoka
Doctor - Robert Bolder
Bill Jenkins - Walter Brennan
Tony Barrett - Gary (I) Cooper
Uncle - Ed Ebele
Gerry - Evan Fonseca

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