What are the characters in The Wizard of Oz movie

The characters in The Wizard of Oz movie are
Ozmite - Eleanor Keaton
Lullaby League Member - Nita Krebs
Emerald City Manicurist - Ethelreda Leopold
Dorothy - Christine Lippa
Narrator - Norma MacMillan
The Wicked Witch of the West - Tress MacNeille
Emerald City Manicurist - Dona Massin
Lullabye League Member - Yvonne Moray
Lullabye League Center Member - Olga Nardone
Lady Vishuss - Virginia Pearson
Munchkin Villager/Sleepyhead - Margaret Pellegrini
Munchkin Villager - Hazel Resmondo
Themselves - The Rhythmettes
Ozmite - Elvida Rizzo
Glenda (sic) - Kate (II) Robbins
Munchkin Villager - Hazel Resmondo
Themselves - The Rhythmettes
Ozmite - Elvida Rizzo
Glenda (sic) - Kate (II) Robbins
Woman with Cat - Helen Seamon
Munchkin Mayor - Susan Silo
Herself - Co-Host - Valentina Marie Skelton
Toto - Terry (III)
Emerald City Manicurist - Dorothy (I) Barrett
Ozmite - Amelia Batchelor
Auntie Em - Clara Blandick
Glinda the Good - B.J. (II) Ward
Aunt - Cathy Weseluck
West Witch - Barbara (I) Whiting
Ozmite/Lullaby League Member - Lorraine Bridges
Glinda - Billie Burke
Aunt Em - Mary (I) Carr
Juliet - Adriana Caselotti
Munchkin Villager - Nona Cooper
Munchkin Villager - Gracie Doll
Munchkin Villager - Tiny Doll
Munchkin Villager - Ruth Duccini
Dorothy / Princess Dorothea - Dorothy Dwan
Munchkin Villager - Daisy Earles
Munchkin Villager/Sleepyhead - Fern Formica
Dorothy - Judy Garland
Dorothy - Liz Georges
Miss Gulch/The Wicked Witch of the West - Margaret (I) Hamilton
Dorothy - Terri Hawkes
Undetermined Role - Wanda Hawley
Emerald City Manicurist - Lois January
Cowardly Lion - Charles (I) Adler
Uncle Henry / Prince of Whales - Frank (I) Alexander
Lollipop Guild Member - Jackie Gerlich
Uncle Henry - Charley Grapewin
'Hickory'/The Tin Man - Jack (I) Haley
Woodsman/Knight of the Garter/Farmhand - Oliver Hardy
Winkie - Phil Harron
Undetermined Role - William Hauber
Ozmite/Winkie Guard - Shep Houghton
Tin Polisher - Charles (I) Irwin
Munchkins - The King's Men
Phantom of the Basket - Frederick Ko Vert
Munchkin Herald #1/Sleepyhead - Karl 'Karchy' Kosiczky
'Zeke'/The Cowardly Lion - Bert Lahr
Ambassador Wikked - Otto Lederer
Captain of the Winkie Guard - Mitchell (I) Lewis
Lollipop Guild Member - Bud Linn
Scarecrow - David (IV) Lodge
Lollipop Guild Member - Jerry Maren
Uncle/Muchikins (sic) - Scott (I) McNeil
Munchkin Coach Driver - George Ministeri
Professor Marvel/The Wizard of Oz/The Gatekeeper/The Carriage Driver/The Guard - Frank (I) Morgan
Wizard of Oz - Charles (I) Murray
Winged Monkey - Lee (I) Murray
Munchkin Mayor - Charles (I) Becker
Cowardly Lion/Rastus/Snowball (as G. Howe Black) - Spencer (I) Bell
Winged Monkey - George Noisom
Wizard - Alan Oppenheimer
Oz/Guard - Doug (I) Parker
Winged Monkey - Jack (I) Paul
Munchkin Coroner - Meinhardt Raabe
Tin Woodman - Hal Rayle
Munchkin Fiddler - Freddie Retter
Munchkin Barrister - 'Little Billy' Rhodes
Munchkin Coroner - Rad Robinson
Winkie - Ambrose Schindler
Oz Balloon Ascensionist - Rolfe Sedan
Scarecrow/Toymaker/Farmhand - Larry (I) Semon
The Munchkins - The Singer Midgets
Himself - Host - Red Skelton
Ozmite - Oliver (III) Smith
Winkie - Robert St. Angelo
Munchkin Soldier - Parnell St. Aubin
Ozmite - Ralph Sudam
Munchkin Soldier - August Clarence Swenson
Prime Minister Kruel - Josef Swickard
Toto/Wolf 1 - Lee Tockar
Nikko - Pat Walshe
Prince Kynd - Bryant Washburn
Toto - Frank Welker
Winkie - Harry (I) Wilson
Munchkin Navy Commander - Johnny Winters
Munchkin City Father - Murray (II) Wood
Mayor/Lollipop Guild Member - Billy Bletcher
'Hunk'/The Scarecrow - Ray Bolger
Winged Monkey - Buster Brodie
Ozmite - Tyler Brooke
Angry Apple Tree - Candy Candido
Apple Tree - Candy Candido
Munchkin Fiddler - Mickey Carroll
Winged Monkey - Harry Cogg
Munchkins - Pinto Colvig
Undetermined Role - Chester Conklin
Scarecrow - Ian James Corlett
Bearded Munchkin - Tommy Cottonaro
Crow in Cornfield - Jimmy the Crow
Munchkin Father - Billy (I) Curtis
Munchkinland Mayor - Ken (I) Darby
Winged Monkey - Sid Dawson
Apple Tree/Munchkin - Abe Dinovitch
Undetermined Role - William Dinus
Lollipop Guild Member - Jon (II) Dodson
Lion - Michael (III) Donovan
Tim Man (sic) - Britain Durham
Lollipop Guild Member - Harry Earles
The Tin Man - Buddy Ebsen
Truckle - Pat (II) Fraley
Winged Monkey - Sig Frohlich

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