What are the characters in There\'s Something About Mary movie

The characters in There\'s Something About Mary movie are
Joanie - Khandi Alexander
Lisa - Marnie Alexenburg
Rest Stop Couple - Kenny (I)
Architect Babe - Duana Knight
Cuban Dancer - Mercy Lopez
Dom's Wife - Hillary Matthews
Architect Partier - Ruth Michelle Meyer
Office Worker - Sheila Mone
Office Assistant - Kelly (I) O'Brien
Ashtray Babe - Barbara (I) O'Connor
Hot Club Patron - Susan (I) O'Day
Renise - Cindy Oliver
Cordosa Gawker - Monique (I) Pelletier
Buttercup Singer - Ruth Pomfret
Mary's Mom - Markie Post
Girl - Kelly Roarke
Hot Club Patron - Heather Rosbeck
Girl - Kelly Roarke
Hot Club Patron - Heather Rosbeck
Rest Stop Couple - Rosie (I)
Architect Babe - Kelley Schneider
Magda - Lin Shaye
Hot Club Barkeep - Fallon Shields
Brenda - Sarah Silverman
Herself/Romana - Mary Tamm
Architect Babe - Meda Thomas
Insurance Spitballer - Kathy Beauchene
Romana - Lalla (I) Ward
Medical Assistant #1 - Caryl West
Architect Partier - Providence Wissel
Friend #3 - Lori Brener
Nimrod's Cafe Patron - Valerie (I) Bruce
Hot Club Patron - Ann Conway
Mary - Cameron Diaz
Dom's Kid - A.B. Farrelly
Driving Range Sweetie - Mariann Farrelly
Boardroom Babe - Nancy Farrelly
Cuban Dancer - Jeanie Flynn
Doctor - Deborah Smith Ford
Petey's Girlfriend in the Park - Elena (II) Garcia
Dancer - Tracy Anne George
Wine Waitress - Maureen (I) Griffin
Strip Club Pervert - Julia Hissom
Tourist - Debbie (III) Howard
Buttercup Singer - John Adamonis
Buttercup Singer - Kyle Adamonis
Strip Club Pervert - James 'Sporty' Ahern
Architect Partier - Pete Anicelli
Schoolboy - James Gaiero
Hot Club Patron - Michael 'The Cannon' Gannon
Dr. Zit Face/High School Pal - Willie Garson
Strip Club Pervert - Robin Gau
Bartender - Zen Gesner
Jimmy - James (I) Gifford
Prison Warden - Sean Gildea
Petey - David Goryl
Fish Hook Kid - Andrew Greenbury
Fish Hook Kid - Nicholas Greenbury
Pizza House Man - Daniel (I) Greene
Hot Club Barkeep - Bob Grundy
Hot Club Patron - Peter (II) Grundy
Carlos - Paul Homza
Psychiatrist - Richard (I) Jenkins
Buttercup Singer - John-Eliot Jordan
Jailbird - Don (I) Julio
Drummer - Tommy Larkins
Cuban Dancer - Tom Leasca
Mary's Little Friend - Zack (I) Lee
K9 - John (I) Leeson
Car Hood Kid #1 - Jeffrey P. Lerner
Architect Partier - Brian McGlaughlin
Architect Partier - Billy (I) Meyer
Jailbird - Kris Meyer
Restaurant Waiter - Rick (I) Michaels
Rest Stop Couple - Mike (VI)
Buttercup Singer - Josh (II) Miller
Architect Partier - Brian Mone
Comic Book Kid - Jon Mone
Detective Stabler - Rob (I) Moran
Jailbird - Terry Mullany
Boss' Brother - Danny (I) Murphy
Office Worker - Max (I) Murphy
Jailbird - Ed (II) Nelson
Extra - Cord Newman
The Doctor - Tom (I) Baker
Cigar Smoker - Richie Balsbaugh
Insurance Spitballer - Manny Barrows
Insurance Spitballer - Bill Beauchene
Jailbird - George (I) Bedard
Rest Stop Couple - Pat (II)
Cordosa Gawker - Paul (I) Pelletier
Car Hood Kid #2 - Cory Pendergast
Buttercup Singer - Neil Pomfret
Domino Player - Al (I) Quinn
Jonathan - Jonathan Richman
Architect Partier - Tim Robbie
Pants at Ankles Guy - Ken (I) Rogerson
Cell Block Masseuse - Phil (III) Rosenberg
Jailbird - Scott Rosenberg
Rest Stop Couple - Sam (I)
Coconut Guy - David Shackelford
Camera Hog - Tim (I) Sheehan
Hot Club Barkeep - Jack (I) Shields
Jailbird - Billy (V) Smith
Rest Stop Couple - Steve (III)
Ted - Ben Stiller
Architect Partier - John Stroehman
Jailbird - Brian Stube
Police Officer - Steve (II) Sweeney
Sully - Jeffrey Tambor
Freddie - Warren Tashjian
Rest Stop Couple - Tom (II)
TV News Reporter - Steve (II) Tyler
Detective Krevoy - Richard (I) Tyson
Business Man - Jevon (I) White
Hitchhiker - Harland Williams
Architect Partier - Jim (I) Blake
Paramedic - Brad Blank
Warren - W. Earl Brown
Joey Bishop Look-alike - Michael Budge
Jailbird - Michael (VI) Burke
Hot Club Patron - Mike Charpentier
Cell Block Bitch - Michael (I) Cheney
Rest Stop Couple - Chris (I)
Cuban Dancer - Kevin Civale
Fireman - Lenny (I) Clarke
Jailbird - Rick (I) Coleman
Hot Club Patron - Peter (I) Conway
Smokey - Will Coogan
Jailbird - Don (I) Daley
Mary's Dad - Keith (I) David
Rest Stop Couple - Billy (I) Dee
Jailbird - Emilio (I) Diaz
Healy - Matt (I) Dillon
Hot Dog Stud - Docky
Dom - Chris (I) Elliott
Rest Stop Couple - Ernie (I)
Tucker - Lee (I) Evans
Dom's Kid - Jesse Farrelly
Himself - Brett Favre
Businessman - Richard (III) Fitzpatrick
Homeless Man - Herbie Flynn
South Carolina Police - Jackie (I) Flynn
Strip Club Pervert - Clem Franek

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