What are the characters in Three Moves movie

The characters in Three Moves movie are
Party guest - Chris (L) Anderson
Angel - Nina (I) Lescher
Party guest - Ingeborg Ruano
Amy - Alena Sayenko
Stella - Heidi (II) Clarke
Party guest - Tarisai (I) Garande
Party guest - Lisa Gunter
Party guest - Brandon Hopp
Thug #1 - Douglas Lovejoy
David - Grant Lyon
Party guest - Jessie McGaffie
Kowalski - Mark (X) McGee
Gazzara - Nick Razo
Benny - Bryan Reinero
Mike - Russell Blalack
Thug #2 - Maurice Castellon
Thug #3 - Brian P. Clarke
MacKenzie - John (VI) Faulkner
Jimmy - Mitchell Field

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