What are the characters in Tinker movie

The characters in Tinker movie are
Meeko Gibson - P.M.H. Atwater
Party Guest - Reagan Marler
Rose - Erin (III) McGlynn
Sadie Flowers - Amy (II) Myers
Peggy Sue - Marianne Shine
KC - Caitlin (XIII) Smith
Alice - Monica Barbaro
Mary Ann - Wendy Baron
Abby - Chalet Lizette Brannan
Beth - Annabel Burchard
Jeannie - Lennie Crawford
Future Alice - Judy Jamerson
Timmy - Johnny Geissinger
Suicide Clyde - Caleb Hoffert
Noah Flowers - Kyle Jarvis
Boudreaux - Christian Kane
Narrator - Dick (XI) Martin
Tinker - Derek (XIV) Smith
Randy - Randy (XXVII) Smith
Tima - Kelly Steffey
Lloyd Flowers - Jim Suruda
Future Tinker - John S. Boles
The Tinker - Rowan (I) Brooks
Manna - Wilmer Calderon
Grady Lee Jr. - Clayne Crawford
Kai - Colt Crawford
Party Guest - Larry (I) Fleming
Larry - Scot Free

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