What are the characters in Too Young to Know movie

The characters in Too Young to Know movie are
Party Guest - Ramsay Ames
Sally Sawyer - Joan Leslie
Mary - Dorothy Malone
Patsy O'Brien - Dolores Moran
Polly Brooks - Roxanne Rollan
Polly Brooks - Roxanne Rollan
Jackie - Renee (I) Summers
Twinkie Taylor - Bunny Bleu
Kit - Gina Valentino
Party Guest - Betty Brodel
Mrs. Wellman - Barbara (I) Brown
Party Guest - Pat (I) Clark
Mrs. Enright - Rosemary DeCamp
Ms. Scheitzer - Drea
Party Guest - Angela Greene
Ira Enright - Robert (I) Hutton
Johnny Cole - Robert (I) Lowell
Mr. Hermes - William Margold
Lt. Yates - Don (I) McGuire
Lt. Beal - John (I) Miles
Jimmy - Robert (I) Arthur
Party Guest - Larry Rio
Party Guest - John (II) Sheridan
Mr. Enright - Arthur Shields
Major Bruce - Craig (I) Stevens
Transport Pilot - Larry (I) Thompson
Steve - Marc Wallice
Tony - Tom (I) Byron
Party Guest - Sydney Chatton
Party Guest - John (I) Compton
Judge Boller - Harry (I) Davenport
Tommy - Richard (I) Erdman

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