What are the characters in Tower movie

The characters in Tower movie are
Party Guest - Daphney L. Joseph
2nd Taxi Passenger - Beatrice Kimak
2nd Dinner Guest - Marta Legrady
7th Clubgoer - Melissa Lem
Party Guest - Taylor (VII) Martin
Woman on Front Porch - Chantel McDonald
Rachel - Shawnna McGregor
5th Clubgoer - Alison Myers-Gomez
Woman on Subway - Melissa Ringuette
Woman on Subway - Melissa Ringuette
Mother - Deborah Sawyer
Sister-in-law - Becky E. Shrimpton
2nd Clubgoer - Elissa Ciullo
Woman in Coffee Shop - Kasia Dyszkiewicz
Woman on Dancefloor - Lindsay (I) Ellis
Nicole - Nicole Fairbairn
Marcie - Meredith Heinrich
Woman in Kitchen - Mahalla Hodder
3rd Clubgoer - Sonali Jain
Party Guest - Sean Connolly Affleck
8th Clubgoer - Sammy Allouba
Party Guest - David (XXVI) Henry
6th Clubgoer - Martin Huss
Chris - Terry Jansen
1st Man in Kitchen - Curtis (III) Joseph
Cab Driver - Steve (I) Kasan
4th Clubgoer - Dilip Krishnamurthy
1st Man at Hot Dog Stand - Kevin Krouglow
Brother - Josh (II) Lowry
Uncle - Jack Macure
Stephen - Stephen McPhail
2nd Construction Worker - Brendan Nasr
Kitchen, 2nd Man in - Taybion Nguyen
Julian - Julian Bachlow
1st Dinner Guest - Peter Bavis
Party Guest - Felipe Ormeni
1st Construction Worker - Adam Palumbo
Father - John Scholl
1st Clubgoer - Elliot Shermet
1st Taxi Passenger - Vincent (III) Stone
Ron - Ron Tabachnick
2nd Man at Hot Dog Stand - Matthew Vanstone
Murphy Boyle - Ray (I) Winstone
Dentist - Sangeeta Wylie
Derek - Derek Bogart
Party Guest - Brock Duke
Party Guest - Justin (II) Duke
Rob - Robert C. Eaton
Man Singing on Subway - Ray (VI) Evans
Danny - Danny Falls
Party Guest - Carlos (I) Fortin

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