What are the characters in Tuck Everlasting movie

The characters in Tuck Everlasting movie are
Mrs. Hannaway - Kathryn Kelley
Beatrice Ruston - Naomi Kline
Party Guest - Lauren Levitt
Young Anna (14) - Jordin McDaniel
Young Anna (Age 8) - Kelly McDaniel
Maid - Elizabeth McNamara
Dinner Guest - Helen E. McNutt
Natalie Foster - Michelle Mulitz
Mae Tuck - Sonia Raimi
Mae Tuck - Sonia Raimi
Grandmother Foster - Jean Schertler
Narrator - Elisabeth Shue
Mae Tuck - Sissy Spacek
Winnie Foster - Alexis Bledel
Cook/Maid - Cynthia (I) Webb
Dinner Guest - Tamara Carter
Winne Foster - Margaret Chamberlain
Mrs. Ruston - Brigid Cleary
Dinner Guest - Megan (I) Cooper
Carriage Passenger #3 - Patsy (I) Dougherty
Miles' Wife - Kosha Engler
Young Anna (Age 11) - Reeny Eul
Mrs. Price - Theresa (I) Flynn
Sally Hannaway - Julia (I) Hart
Mother Foster - Amy (I) Irving
Bernard Price - Dominic Angelella
Robert Foster - Victor (I) Garber
Beau (Age 8) - Dillion Gardner
Blacksmith - Bruce Hefke
Driver at Croquet Game - Lester Horn
Angus Tuck - William Hurt
Jesse Tuck - Jonathan (I) Jackson
Old Timer - Irving Jacobs
Store Clerk - Rick (I) Kain
Angus Tuck - Fred A. Keller
Man in the Yellow Suit - Ben Kingsley
Charlie - Timothy Klein
Night Deputy - Robert (VIII) Lewis
Mr. Foster - Marvin Macnow
Man in the Yellow Suit - James (II) McGuire
Dinner Guest - Mac McLure
Dinner Guest - Tom McNutt
Lounge Tender - Neal Moran
Baker - John Badila
Miles Tuck - Scott Bairstow
Bouncer - Maurice Philogene
Constable - Richard (I) Pilcher
Young Pastor - Sean (I) Pratt
Sore Loser - Kyle Prue
Beau (Age 3) - Beau Russell
Dinner Guest - Matthew R. Staley
Dinner Guest - Stephen Szibler
Card Player - Steve (XXX) Walker
Searcher - Robert Randolph Caton
Vigilante - Bob Colletti
Beau (Age 11) - Charlie (I) Cooper
Lead Mill Boy - Bradley Coryell
Miles Tuck - Bruce D'Auria
Dinner Guest - Sam De Crispino
Vigilante - Peter (I) Epstein
Jesse Tuck - Paul Flessa

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