What are the characters in Turn Back the Clock movie

The characters in Turn Back the Clock movie are
Tracy Alexander - Wendy Kilbourne
Party Guest - Joan Leslie
Maureen Dowd - Dina Merrill
Maid - Carmela Rioseco
Maid - Carmela Rioseco
Stephanie Powers - Connie Sellecca
Elvina Wright/Elvina Gimlet - Peggy (I) Shannon
Woman #1 - Pat Sturges
Woman #2 - Kim (I) Terry
Joe's Mother - Clara Blandick
Reporter - Jeannine Wiest
Mary Gimlet/Mary Wright - Mae (I) Clarke
Nurse - Nell Craig
Joe's Valet - Norman Ainsley
Pete - Checkers Player - Edward Gargan
Dave Holmes - C. Henry Gordon
Dr. Henderson - Charley Grapewin
Reporter - Sherry (I) Hall
1929 Spokesman - Harry Holman
Wedding Singer - Curly Howard
Wedding Singer - Moe (I) Howard
Orderly - Christopher Judges
Reporter - Donald (I) Kerr
Ted Wright - Otto Kruger
1921 Spokesman - Wilfred Lucas
Michael Dean - Franc Luz
Doorman #1 - Thomas H. Middleton
Man with Mullins - Harold (I) Miller
1925 Spokesman - Hooper Atchley
Physical Therapist - James (I) Avery
Pete Evans - George Barbier
John Forrest - Gene Barry
Board Member - Broderick O'Farrell
Doorman #2 - Dennis Paladino
Banker - Phillips Smalley
Henry Cord - Carl Stockdale
Spanish-American War Veteran - Forrest (I) Taylor
Joe Gimlet - Lee (I) Tracy
Mr. Mullins - Guy Usher
Waiter - Leo (I) White
Cigar Store Customer - Ed Wynn
Reporter - Don Brodie
William Hawkins - Jere Burns
Mr. Cradwell - William Burress
Doorman #3 - Frank (I) Coppola
Cab Driver - Patrick Cupo
Joe's Aide - Lester Dorr
Barney Powers - David (I) Dukes
Wedding Singer - Larry (I) Fine

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