What are the characters in Two Gentlemen Sharing movie

The characters in Two Gentlemen Sharing movie are
Caroline Harcourt - Ester Anderson
Mrs. Ashby-Kydd - Rachel Kempson
Mrs. Pater - Roddy's Mother - Avice Landone
Mrs. Burrows - Ethne's Mother - Elspeth March
Amanda - Daisy Mae Williams
Woman Neighbour - Anna Wing
Helen Marriott - Jane's Mother - Shelagh Fraser
Jane Archer - Judy Geeson
Ethne Burrows - Hilary Heath
Negro Visitor - Carl Adam
Negro Driver - Tommy Ansah
Marcus - Ram John Holder
Dickson Junior - John Humphry
Camp Neighbour - Harold (I) Lang
Doorman - Charles Leno
Mr. Pater - Roddy's Father - David (I) Markham
Policeman - Norman (I) Mitchell
Bill - Lionel Ngakane
Caretaker - George Baizley
Mutt, Moving Man - Thomas Baptiste
Elevator Operator - Ben (I) Nightingale
Bizerte - Willie Payne
Roddy Pater - Robin (I) Phillips
Eugene Valentine - Thors Piers
Phil Carter - Norman Rossington
Bowler - John (II) Snow
Cricketer - Gary Sobers
Jeff, Moving Man - Linbert Spencer
Mr. Burrows - Ethne's Father - Philip (I) Stone
O'Rielly - Robert Burnell
Charles Marriott - Jane's Step-father - Earl (I) Cameron
Advertising Executive - John Chandos
Bandleader - Harcourt Curacao
Chicomo - Nathan Dambuza
Chicomo - Phillamore Davidson
Dickson Senior - Hamilton Dyce
Advertising Executive - David (IV) Edwards
Andrew McKenzie - Hal Frederick

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