What are the characters in Ushers movie

The characters in Ushers movie are
Woman in Rehearsal Studio - Juliet Armitage
Dianna - Felicia Jones
Teenage Girl at Box - Haley (III) Jones
House manager - Laura Kearsey
Danielle King - Florence King
Various - Gemma Machin
Woman in Rehearsal Studio - Pamela Mckenzie
House Manager - Laura McPhillips
Chilled Wife - Natasha (II) Moran
Bar Woman - Melissa (II) Munro
Ticket Customer - Joanne (II) Parker
Woman in Rehearsal Studio - Julia Parr
Concession Customer #4 - Sarah Pezzopane
Customer Two - Beth Blackledge
Lauren - Arielle Viney
Customer One - Katie Wallett
Unwell lady at the theatre - Frances (I) Campbell
Rude Customer - Ruth (VI) Carter
Charlotte 'Lottie' Windsor - Emma (XIV) Chapman
Concession Customer #1 - Kelly (I) Chisholm
Teenage Girl at Door - Kaitlyn Clowes
Mrs. Heatherington - Stephanie Compton
Lucy Smith - Georgie (III) Edwards
Information Desk Lady - Annette Franklin
Judy the Slack Usher - Louise Harley
Woman at Door - Holly Hendricks
Woman from Theater - Kaycee Hendricks
Jo the Usher - Joanna Jeffrees
Dan 'Gibbo' Gibbons - Daniel (VI) Gibbons
Man at Door - Mike Haines
Kent - Nate Harriman
Adam Holt - Adam D. Harris
Wyatt - Joey (II) Hendricks
Manager - Brian Kirwin
Various - Mal Mallon
TK Winnfield - Takudzwa Manangazira
TK Winfield - Takudzwa Manangazira
Barman - John McGouran
Mr. Heatherington - Arne Meiken
Manuel - Alejandro Pati�o
James Dawson - Andrew (II) Pilkington
Dave Hayes - Dave Pooley
Guy at Box - Will Porensky
Man from Theater - Shawn Quirk
Singer - Marcus (III) Reeves
Concession Customer #3 - David Rickards
Mom - Ellaine Robinson
Toilet Customer - Aiden (II) Ryan
Grant - David M. Savage
Manager - Demian Slade
Steve - Steven (I) Strobel
Pianist - Ian (II) Brandon
Stressed Husband - Richard (I) Charlton
Concession Customer #2 - Jacob Clowes
Rude Customer - Daniel M. Cooper
Danny - Danny Cymbal
Awkward Customer - Lee (V) Dawson
Chris Richardson - Christian Etheridge

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