What are the characters in Vartan LLP movie

The characters in Vartan LLP movie are
Party Guest - Marjorie Ocho Kouns
Party Guest - Leslie-Ann O'Brien
Party Guest - Lisa Cartmell
Margaret - Bronwen Coleman
Kathy Green - Jody Fasanella
Rehearsal actor - Rob (III) Armstrong
Racquetball Player - Philip Golub
Young Sidney - Lukus Grace
Andrew - Christopher (I) Hoffman
Racquetball Player - Christian Lambros
Party Guest - Alfred LoCascio
Sidney Taylor - Jay O. Sanders
Alex - Paul David Story
Barry Green - Joel Swetow
Business Man - Wayne (I) Chang
Young Barry - Michael F.X. Coppola
Office worker - John Crann
Fred - Wally Dunn

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