What are the characters in Violated movie

The characters in Violated movie are
Party Guest - Pam (I) Anderson
Ese - Funlola Aofiyebi
Party Guest - Whitney Badin
Liz Grant - Elizabeth Kaitan
Party Guest - Sharon Kane
Party Guest - Lynn (V) Kelly
Party Guest - Jill McWhirter
Party Guest - Candy Middleton
Mother Grant - Mary (I) Noble
Party Guest - Cathy (II) Perry
Ellen Tinker (prostitute-victim) - Sally (I) Peters
Party Guest - Hannah (VI) Price
Party Guest - Hannah (VI) Price
Party Guest - Cindy (II) Shapiro
Party Guest - Mari Thronsen
Jack Diamond - D. Balin
Party Guest - Laura (VII) Bennett
Lisa Robb - Daisy (I) White
Joyce (ballerina-model) - Joy (I) Williams
Susan Grant - Vicki Carlson
Party Guest - Nancy Cozzini
Lili Damar - Lili Dawn
Helen Devaux (agency model) - Suzanne (II) Dean
Shirley Robb - Kaye (I) Dowd
Judy Engels - Lisanne Falk
Joan - Samantha (I) Fox
Katy Carson - Carole Francis
Marilyn Diamond - Juliet Graham
Dave - William Galarno
Zimmerman - Charles (I) Gilbert
District Attorney - Carl (I) Gordon
Skipper - John (I) Heard
Party Guest - John (II) Hermann
Jan C. Verbig - Wim Holland
Police Sergeant - Randy (I) Jurgensen
Gardner (reporter) - Michael (I) Keane
Lt. Mack McCarthy - Mitchell Kowall
George Mastro (child molester) - Fred (I) Lambert
Party Guest - Ed (II) Malloy
Det. Dana - William (I) Martel
Det. Collins - Charles (I) McClelland
Party Guest - Peter Mele
Party Guest - Shifra Meyrow
Louie Quinto - William Mishkin
Dist. Atty. Henderson - Wambley Bald
Dr. Jason - Jason Niles
Party Guest - Jake Packard
Kevin McBane - J.C. Quinn
Party Guest - Gunther Stern
Joe Summers (pervert) - Charles Uday
Manley - Claude (I) Vincent
Danny Robb - Jonathan (I) Ward
Editor - Dan (I) Bergin
Frank Lyon - Roger Caine
Derrick Solo - Richard Cannistraro
Joyce's male partner - Crandall Diehl

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