What are the characters in Visioneers movie

The characters in Visioneers movie are
Charisma - M�a Maestro
Cindy - Fay Masterson
Field Reporter - Bern's Death - Tanya Memme
Sahra - Missi Pyle
Sahra - Missi Pyle
Maddie - Nancy De Mayo
Michelle - Judy Greer
George - Zach Galifianakis
Fish Net Man - Ben Garding
Rodger - Matthew Glave
Dr. Knob - John Keister
Julieen - James Le Gros
Fellow Tunt - Toan Le
Preacher Moon - Damon LeGarde
US President - John LoPresti
Mack Luster - Ryan (I) McCann
Jeffers - D.W. Moffett
Old Man Jeffers - Aubrey Morris
Steve - John Paulsen
Jeffers Agent #1 - Joe (I) Rosati
Joseph The Painter - Matt (X) Thomas
NAC Man - Andrew (I) Tribolini
Deer Feed Man - James (I) Tweedale
TV Couple Man - Dale Bowers
Bern Goodman - Pat Cashman
Jeffers Agent #2 - Mycol Comolli
Todd - Chris Coppola
Howard - Juba T. Drake
Missionary #2 - Anthony L. Fuller Jr.

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