What are the characters in Warcraft movie

The characters in Warcraft movie are
Indecisive Woman - Jill (I) Morrison
Lady Taria - Ruth Negga
Garona - Paula Patton
Aloman - Anna Van Hooft
Kultiran - Val�rie Wiseman
Officer #4 - Michael Antonakos
Orgrim - Robert Kazinsky
Durotan - Toby Kebbell
Knight - Raj Lal
Squire - Donnie MacNeil
Gryphon Caller - Kristian Bakstad
Grommash Hellscream - Terry Notary
Human Villager - Michael Patric
Clansmen - Dan (I) Payne
Varis - Dean Redman
Moroes - Callum Keith Rennie
Officer - Kyle Rideout
Khadgar - Ben Schnetzer
Varian Wrynn - Dylan Schombing
Orc War Captain - Andre Tricoteux
Gul'dan - Daniel (II) Wu
Blackhand - Clancy (I) Brown
King Llane Wrynn - Dominic Cooper
Callan - Burkely Duffield
Anduin Lothar - Travis Fimmel
Medivh - Ben (I) Foster

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