What are the characters in When the Lights Go Out movie

The characters in When the Lights Go Out movie are
Party Guest - Robin (II) Andrews
Hospital Patient Victim - Melissa Krage
EMT #2 - Mandy Modic
Richards Mother - Wanaki-Shores Navata
Kid #1 - Amelia Pauly
Sheila - Wendy Raquel Robinson
Sheila - Wendy Raquel Robinson
Nurse - Karen Sego
Nicky Miller - Callie (I) Stephens
Mary - Kylie Sullivan
Kid #2 - Nikki (I) Tortorella
Nurse - Dianne Bischoff
Party Guest - Ashley (II) Waters
Nurse Hemming - Joette (I) Waters
Hospital Patient Victim - Chrissy Wojdyla
Nurse - Dina Castelvecchi
Mother - Siera (I) Cerny
Party Guest - Monica Crawford
Hospital Patient Victim - Nicole Cyrier
Waitress - Karen Deering
Alicia - Shenae Edwards
Kid #3 - McKenzie Franklin
Ellis - Ann Hagemann
EMT #1 - A. Monnie Aleahmad
Trucker #2 - Zach (IV) Allen
Cop #2 - Paul (XI) Gallagher
Party Guest - Mario (IV) Garza
Party Guest - Gary Hebding
Television Host - Dennis (I) Hindmon
Orderly #1 - Kevin (XXIX) James
Trucker #1 - Tony (XIV) Jordan
Police Officer #2 - JT Beissel
Party Guest - Nick Karafotas
Party Guest - Andrew (XXIX) Kim
Peter Clemens - Joe (III) Mack
Doctor - Jon Manisco
Patient - Kc Matthews
Shane Miller - Michael Medford
Cop #1 - Jonathan Moy
Conner - Allen (II) Murphy
Adult David - Pete Navis
Young David - Ewan Parker-Eaton
Kenneth - Lloyd Polite
Freddy - Clifton (I) Powell
Mark - Remy Remigio
Gary - Keith (III) Robinson
Man in Straight Jacket - Michael Patrick Russell
Party Host - Keaton Schoenecker
Tommy - Matthew (IV) Schroeder
Doctor Victim - Allen Sego
Young Richard - Kai Shores-Navata
Police Officer #1 - George (I) Stalling
Nathan - Charles Straka
Max - Brendan (IX) Sullivan
Dr. Anthony Pender - Matthew (III) Urban
Party Guest - Nadir Waxali
Orderly #2 - Kevin (I) Wesley
Himself - John Borcherding
Party Guest - Matthew (II) Collier
Kid #5 - Braden Crothers
Kid #4 - Elijah Crothers
Party Guest - Bradley Culleeney
Antique Shop Employee - Craig Deering
Trucker #3 - Mark Deering
Cop #3 - Russell Deering
Richard Clemens - Maurice Demus
Zak - James R. Doherty
Party Guest - Brandin Estes

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