What are the characters in Why movie

The characters in Why movie are
Party Guest - Alys Lodge
Jennifer - Leah Stanko Mangum
Rachael - Rashma Manjra
Party Guest - Helen Rook
Party Guest - Helen Rook
School Child - Carla Shoesmith
Teacher - Caroline Stangroom
Mother - Karina Tarsusligul
School Child - Harriet Barr
Party Guest - Deborah (II) Bartlett
Franny - Helena Beaven
The Junkie - Jeannie Berlin
Party Guest - Kay Ward
Young Lucy - Katie Welsh
School Child - Emma (I) Whitehead
School Child - Rebecca (IV) Whitehead
School Child - Bethany (II) Clarke
Girl in Toilet - Jessica (III) Curry
Emma - Vicky (II) Ferris
Lucy - Rebecca (IV) Freeman
Young Fliss - Victoria Frost
Christine - Linda Gillen
School Child - Jessica Hindle
Fliss - Louise Hughs
School Child - Jodie Ives
Mr. Manning - Paul Garvey
The Psychiatrist - Herb (I) Goldberg
The Businessman - Danny (I) Goldman
Lucy's Friend at Party - Ben (XI) Holmes
Mick - Todd (II) Jenkins
Lucy's Friend at Party - Sam Kirby-Brown
Andy - Andy (I) Langham
Party Guest - Mike Liburd
Lucy's Friend at Party - Carll Light
Mother - Danielle Millican
Jeremy - Patrick (I) Nagle
Policeman - George (I) Beattie
Party Guest - Matthew Pullan
Ray - Ariel Samonte
The Athlete - O.J. Simpson
Jack - Spencer (VI) Smith
Todd - Douglas Tait
Party Guest - Kia Tarsusligul
Daughter - Darienne Jaye Thompson
Officer (Voice) - Henry (III) Thompson
Officer (Body) - James (LXX) Thompson
Son - Kyle Brandon Thompson
Father - Wayne (VII) Thompson
Emma's Friend - Luke Tillett
T.J. Mackey - Branko Tomasovic
Roy - Tom Zembrod
Mark - Michael Zloczewski
The Drummer - Tim (I) Buckley
Elmo - Nick Carney
Party Guest - Robert Clough
Masked Man - Ashley (XV) Davis
Paul - Jacques Freydont
Davis - Todd Gable

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