What are the characters in Wild Is the Wind movie

The characters in Wild Is the Wind movie are
Party Guest - Ruth (I) Lee
Gioia - Anna Magnani
Party Guest - Frances (I) Morris
Party Guest - Fern Barry
Teresa - Lili Valenty
Party Guest - Jeane Wood
Party Guest - Trude Wyler
Party Guest - Iphigenie Castiglioni
Sarin - Cheri Christian
Angela "Angie" - Dolores (I) Hart
Johannes - Thomas Giraud
Party Guest - Ken Hooker
Party Guest - Max (I) Power
Gino - Anthony (I) Quinn
Priest - Dick (I) Ryan
Party Guest - Court Shepard
Party Guest - Robert R. Stephenson
Wick - Tim (VII) Sweeney
Party Guest - Joseph (I) Vitale
Alberto - Joseph Calleia
Thoroughbred horse - Highland Dale
Passenger at Airport - Franklyn Farnum
Wool Buyer - James Flavin
Bene - Anthony (I) Franciosa

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