What are the characters in Wings of the Morning movie

The characters in Wings of the Morning movie are
Party Guest - Evelyn Ankers
Young Marie (Prologue)/Maria, Duchess of Leyva - Annabella (I)
Iris Deane - Louise Lovely
Lady Costabel - Genevieve Blinn
Old Marie - Irene Vanbrugh
Gypsy Dancer - Hermione Darnborough
Minor Role - Dorothy Dewhurst
Aunt Jenepher - Helen Haye
Boy - John (I) Hepworth
Angelo - Sam Livesey
Racing Commentator - R.C. Lyle
Col. Costabel - Herschel Mayall
Himself - the Tenor - John (I) McCormack
Himself - Prince Monolulu
Benito - Nicholas Nadejin
Lord Clontarf - Leslie (I) Banks
Police Sergeant - Pat (I) Noonan
Mir Jan - G. Raymond Nye
Sir Valentine - Stewart Rome
Paddy - Harry (I) Tate
Don Diego - Edward Underdown
Marik (Prologue) - D.J. (I) Williams
Taung Si Ali - Clarence Burton
Minor Role - Frank Crawshaw
James Patrick Aloysius 'Jimmy' Brannigan - Mark (I) Daly
Sir Arthur Deane - Harry De Vere
Himself - Steve Donoghue
Lord Ventnor - Frank (I) Elliott
Don Frasco - Emmanuelo
Racing Commentator - E.V.H. Emmett
Capt. Robert Anstruther - William Farnum
Kerry Gilfallen - Henry Fonda
Valentine, as a youth (Prologue) - Philip (I) Frost
Valentine Philip - Sidney Frost

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