What are the characters in Without Love movie

The characters in Without Love movie are
Mavis - Jane Aird
Jacky - Clare Austin
Kathleen - Marjie Lawrence
Old woman - Nan Marriott-Watson
Anna - Emily Massey
Edwina Collins - Patricia Morison
Phyllis - Louise Nicol
Woman on train - Veronica Nugent
Maureen - Mary (I) Quinn
Maureen - Mary (I) Quinn
Girl in club - Hilary Sesta
Kitty Trimble - Lucille Ball
Rose - Diana (I) Beaumont
Betty - Billie Whitelaw
Girl on Elevator - Hazel (I) Brooks
Mrs. Hammond - Barbara Couper
Dancer - Ann Emery
Mrs. Hart - Hilda Fenemore
Meg Hammond - Ann Firbank
Sylvia - Vanda Godsell
Jean - Ruth Gower
Flower Girl - Gloria Grahame
Jamie Rowan - Katharine Hepburn
Taxi Driver - Eddie Acuff
Col. Braden - Charles Arnt
USAAF Cpl. Hal - Don Gilliland
Clerk of the court - Frank (I) Henderson
Vance - Sheldon (I) Lawrence
Luigi - Andreas Malandrinos
Barman - Alfred Maron
Man in park - Patrick Milner
Porter - Clarence Muse
Soldier - William (I) Newell
Soldier - Garry (I) Owen
Magistrate - Llewellyn Rees
Station Inspector - Cyril Renison
Steel band - Russ Henderson Steel Band
Police Constable - Frank Sieman
Tony - Paul Stassino
Court officer - Nicholas Tanner
Pat Jamieson - Spencer (I) Tracy
Quentin Ladd - Keenan Wynn
Bobby - Michael (I) Wynne
Officer in Elevator - Brooks Benedict
Soldier - Wally Boag
Prof. Ginza - Felix Bressart
Pageboy - Ralph Brooke
Hart - Alfred Burke
Elevator Boy - George (I) Chandler
Prof. Thompson - Wallis Clark
PC Jackson - Michael (III) Collins
Man in Corridor - Heinie Conklin
Sergeant - Clancy Cooper
Headwaiter - Franco Corsaro
Person in street - Tom Courtenay
Prof. Ellis - Donald Curtis
Caretaker - George (I) Davis
Man in Elevator - Sayre Dearing
Soldier - Joe (I) Devlin
The Dog - Dizzy (VIII)
Paul Carrell - Carl Esmond
Man in street - Donald Ewer
Sergeant - James Flavin
Doctor - William (I) Forrest

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