What are the characters in Without a Kiss Goodbye movie

The characters in Without a Kiss Goodbye movie are
Filmore Nurse - Susan Astley
Mrs. Samuels - Cloris Leachman
Tina - Nicole (II) Robert
Tina - Nicole (II) Robert
Jenine - Gwynyth Walsh
Woman at audience court - Lynda Boyd
Emergency Nurse #2 - Brenda Crichlow
Foreman - Mikal Dughi
Clara Davies - Sandra P. Grant
Laurie Samuels - Lisa (I) Hartman
Bailiff - Dee Jay Jackson
Braddock - Peter Jurasik
Detective Lovell - Eric Keenleyside
Ray Samuels - Christopher Meloni
Deputy - Stephen E. (I) Miller
Dr. Donner - Charles (I) Siegel
Myron Ogelsby - James (I) Staley
Gerald Orr - David Ogden Stiers
Fillmore Doctor - Don (I) Thompson
Mr. Samuels - French Tickner
Questioner - Andrew (I) Wheeler
Priest - Lindsay Bourne
Dr. Spooner - Jay Brazeau
RJ - Iain Carson-Huggins
Woodfield Guard - Garry Chalk
Mr. Harper - Don S. (I) Davis
Sweet Talker - Joe (I) Davis
Judge Banner - Bill (I) Dow

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