What are the characters in Wizardream movie

The characters in Wizardream movie are
The Crone - Bonnie Aarons
Simone - Jacqueline Real
Simone - Jacqueline Real
Detective Monica Lewis - Sandy Simmons
Annie/Amber - Kayla Tabish
Adele - Marianne (II) Bourg
Evil Queen Melissa - Josie Davis
Martha - Eileen Dietz
Shelly - Ellia English
Victim - Dennis James Anderson
Diner victom - Dennis (I) Garr
Giant - Arturo (I) Gil
Gaelen - Nick Liam Heaney
Lieutenant Schwieger - Ernie Hudson
Albino - Brett (I) Hunt
Christopher - G. Anthony Joseph
The Wizard Mangodor - Malcolm McDowell
Pigman - Richard 'Bongo' Mitchell
Terrence Thatcher - Mayf Nutter
Diner Patron - Kyle Pacek
Joe Winbridge - Pritesh Shah
Officer Johnson - David (I) Stanford
Trucker F.J. - Franklin J. Sterns
Grizzel - Rikin Vasani
Eddy Milbern - Rob (II) Welsh
Maxi - Jon Morgan Woodward
Head Chef - Will C.
Newmar - Raymond Forchion

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