What are the characters in X-Mas movie

The characters in X-Mas movie are
Guest - Mikaella Ashley
Coat Check Girl - Natalie Knepp
Church Goer - Brenda Kuciemba
Party Attendee - Christina (II) Lancaster
Party Guest - Flora Li
Cindy's Daughter - Brooke Liddell
Cindy's Daughter - Kiley Liddell
Party Attendee & Pro Athlete Girlfriend - Aly Mang
Church goer - Dora Mavrakis
Church Goer - Doris McCarthy
Christmas Eve Church Goer - Inna Muratova
Snow Globe Dancer - Marija Skangale
Xmas Party Attendee - Janel Smietana
Affronted Church Goer - April Szykeruk
Tommy's Hot Girl - Hannah Townsend
Church Member - Monika (I) Baskiewicz
Church goer - Lynne Valley
Woman - Theodora Woolley
Cindy - Hel�ne Yorke
Church Goer - Helen Brackel
Diana - Lizzy Caplan
NYE Party Attendee - Gabrielle Carlile
Mother with Baby - Liz Celeste
Exotic Dancer - Nicola (II) Fiore
Party Girl - Alix Isom
Ethan - Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Church boy - Danny Guzman
Christmas Caroler - Darryl Reuben Hall
Tommy Owens - Aaron (II) Hill
Party Goer - Michael D. Joseph
Chris - Anthony Mackie
Roadie - Andrew (V) Meredith
Christmas eve party attendee - Jonathan O'Reilly
Isaac - Seth Rogen
Karaoke Singer #2 - Oliver (I) Solomon
Priest Celebrating Mass - Christopher Tighe
Congee Village Waiter - Jeremy Vimes
Christmas Bartender - Bill (IV) Walters
Party Attendee - Ari Werlein
Pro Athlete - Kamal Angelo Bolden
Cindy's Husband - Curt Bouril
Church Goer - Richard R. Corapi
Hipster Guy - Maxwell Cosmo Cramer
Himself - Baron (I) Davis
Priest at Church Service - John Farrer

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