What are the characters in Yanks movie

The characters in Yanks movie are
Neighbour - Gertie Almond
Woman at hotel - Margaret (I) Lacey
Mollie - Wendy (I) Morgan
Enid his wife - Helen (III) Palmer
Woman at Railway Station - Lynne Perrie
Helen - Vanessa Redgrave
Mrs. Clarrie Moreton - Rachel (I) Roberts
Girl at dance - Sue (I) Robinson
Helen - Vanessa Redgrave
Mrs. Clarrie Moreton - Rachel (I) Roberts
Girl at dance - Sue (I) Robinson
Red Cross lady - Annie (I) Ross
Fish fryer - Jackie (II) Smith
Neighbour - Paula Tilbrook
Golfing friend - Caroline Blakiston
Extra - Orphan - Patrica Lee Wilkins
Fish fryer - Mary Wray
Annie - Lynne Carol
Girl in club - Angela Curran
Girl with baby - Janet Dale
Girl in club - Rachel (I) Davies
Ivy - Anne Dyson
Jean Moreton - Lisa (I) Eichhorn
Mrs. Shenton - June (I) Ellis
Aunt Maud - Pearl Hackney
Helen's daughter - Harriet Harrison
Mrs. Moody - Joan (I) Hickson
Officer at airfield - Weston Gavin
Matt Dyson - Richard Gere
Plumber at camp - Joe Gladwin
Merchant seaman - Barry Halliday
Black driver - George (II) Harris
Tim - Simon (I) Harrison
Pilot - Ray Hassett
Extra - Clive Hornby
Postman - Nat Jackley
Hotel porter - Gerald (I) James
Barman in Ireland - Eugene Lipinski
Ted the publican - Paul Luty
Black G.I. at dance - Al Matthews
White G.I. at dance - Everett McGill
Mr. Jim Moreton - Tony Melody
Bereaved father - David (VIII) Miller
Cook - Francis Napier
Mechanic - Jeremy Newson
G.I. in hospital - David Baxt
Tom G.I. drummer - Tom (III) Nolan
Cook - Andy Pantelidou
Golfing friend - Donald Pickering
MP - Joe (I) Praml
Corporal Cook - John Ratzenberger
Soldier #76 - Andrew (LV) Scott
G.I. at cinema - Antony Sher
Geoff - Martin (XXX) Smith
Henry - Arlen Dean Snyder
Sergeant at Railway Stn. - Eric Stine
Ken - Derek (I) Thompson
Danny Ruffelo - Chick Vennera
Billy - Philip Whileman
Merchant seaman - Stephen (I) Whittaker
Merchant Seaman - Nick Brimble
G.I. at cinema - John (I) Cassidy
John - William Devane
Officer in stores - Harry Ditson
Jock - Ken (I) Drury
Master of Ceremonies - Patrick (I) Durkin
Soldier - Michael (XII) Edwards
Soldier - Harry (I) Fielder

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