What are the characters in You Only Die Forever movie

The characters in You Only Die Forever movie are
Party Guest - Angeliki Karatasiou
Party Guest - Kat Mackie
Party Guest - Sheida Mehrain
Party Guest - Rose Newman
Party Guest - Jaimee Paenga
Party Guest - Mary (II) Rinaldi
Party Guest - Mary (II) Rinaldi
Party Guest - Diane Sommerville
Party Guest - Jane Spenceley
Party Guest - Lisa Stoeger
Party Guest - Yvonne Yin
Mum - Alex (III) Ellis
Assassin - Jenna (II) Hudson
Henchman - Allan (III) Anderson
Henchman - Chris (III) Hanlon
Party Guest - Leigh Harvey
Henchman - Andrew (VII) Johnstone
Agent Leo - Tim Kapoor
Party Guest - Scott (XX) King
Party Guest - Tony (IV) Knowles
Party Guest - Richard Mauriohooho
Henchman/Party Guest - Derek (V) Neal
Henchman - Eduera Neal
Waiter - Joel (II) Bell
Agent John - Sash Nixon
Photo Dad - Phill Palmer
Henchman - Damian Puddle
Angie/Party Guest - Shoshana Sachi
Henchman - Paul (XX) Stone
Henchman - Cliff Tarrant
Henchman/Party Guest - Bevan (III) Thomas
Sam/Bad Boss - Carl (III) Watkins
Henchman - Tamati Westcott
Henchman/Party Guest - Chris (CVIII) Williams
John - Owen (XXIV) Williams
Party Guest - Kong Au Yong
Party Guest - David Bowers-Mason
Party Guest - Rick Cave
Party Guest - Glenn Coltman
Henchman/Party Guest - Ben (II) Corcoran
Leonard - Jackson Davey

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