What are the characters in You Were Meant for Me movie

The characters in You Were Meant for Me movie are
Flapper - Janet (I) King
Louise Crane - Barbara (I) Lawrence
Girl in Soda Shop - Marion Marshall
Undetermined Minor Role - Marilyn Monroe
Mrs. Cora Mayhew - Selena Royle
Minor Role - Amzie Strickland
Peggy Mayhew - Jeanne Crain
Woman on Dance Floor - Bess Flowers
Minor Role - Ann Fredrick
Eddie - Herbert (I) Anderson
Ticket Taker - Jack Gargan
Minor Role - Milton Gowman
Himself - Football Player - Harold 'Red' Grange
Himself - President of the U.S.A. - Herbert (I) Hoover
Himself - Champion Golfer - Bobby (III) Jones
Member of the Band - Maurice (I) Kelly
Mr. Andrew Mayhew - Percy Kilbride
Saxophonist - Member of the Band - Perc Launders
Oscar Hoffman - Oscar Levant
Roy - Lee MacGregor
Member of the Band - Robert (I) McCord
Man on Dance Floor - Harold (I) Miller
Pianist - Member of the Band - Harry Barris
Narrator - Ken (I) Niles
Nightclub Waiter - William J. O'Brien
Minor Role - Charles (I) Owens
Minor Role - Ben (I) Pollock
Ticket Seller - Dick (I) Ryan
Dr. Frank R. Smith - Erskine Sanford
Member of the Band - Bill (I) Sheehan
Member of the Band - William E. Snyder
Boy in Drugstore - Jeffrey (I) Stone
Harry Jarvis - Charles Tannen
Member of the Band - Tiny Timbrell
Member of the Band - Michael (I) Towne
Himself - Champion Boxer - Gene Tunney
Drummer - Member of the Band - Dick (I) Winslow
Member of the Band - Les (I) Clark
Chuck Arnold - Dan Dailey
Member of the Band - Barney Elmore
Ticket Taker - Morgan Farley
Western Union Boy - Charles Flickinger
Mr. Brock - Druggist - Otto Forrest

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