What are the characters in Young Man with Ideas movie

The characters in Young Man with Ideas movie are
Party Guest - Jean Acker
Mrs. Bowker - Monya Andre
Susan Webster - Nadine Ashdown
Minor Role - Nikki Juston
Secretary - Ruth (I) Lee
Registrar - Margie Liszt
Mrs. Martha Rixon - Louise Lorimer
Mrs. Creely - Helene Millard
Mrs. Martha Rickson - Isabel Randolph
Mrs. Jankin - Party Guest - Kay Riehl
Julie Webster - Ruth Roman
Mrs. Martha Rickson - Isabel Randolph
Mrs. Jankin - Party Guest - Kay Riehl
Julie Webster - Ruth Roman
Mrs. Jones - Helen (I) Spring
Party Guest - Amzie Strickland
Aggie - Party Guest - Barbara Billingsley
Mrs. Tom Hanley - Lela Bliss
Mrs. Jethrow - Nella Walker
Mrs. Hammerty - Martha Wentworth
Mrs. Jarvis Gilpin - Mary Wickes
Caroline Webster - Donna Corcoran
Dorianne Gray - Denise Darcel
Party Guest - Margaret (I) Farrell
Party Guest - Bess Flowers
Joyce Laramie - Nina Foch
Miss Daniels - Eula Guy
Hotel Clerk - John (I) Albright
Pullman Porter - Charles (II) Andrews
Party Guest - Jack Gargan
Bill Collector - Frank Gerstle
Mr. Cardy - Wilton Graff
Party Guest - A. Cameron Grant
Telephone Man - Dabbs Greer
Juror - Robert (I) Haines
Stanley Rickson - Jonathan (I) Hale
Vishto - Richard (II) Hale
Merritt Crayton - Attorney - Selmer Jackson
Bailiff - Paul (I) Kruger
Tom Hanley - Raymond Largay
Foreman of the Jury - Earl Lee
Rodwell 'Brick' Davis - Sheldon Leonard
Attorney - Philo McCullough
Municipal Judge - Joseph Mell
Tux Cullery - Carl Milletaire
Policeman - Tom (I) Monroe
Real Estate Associate - Roger (II) Moore
Party Waiter - William (I) Newell
Cynical Man - Benny Baker
Hammerty Boy - Rudy Baron
Party Guest - Rodney (I) Bell
Lawyer at Seminar - Barry (I) Norton
Club Patron - Murray Pollack
Max, Junior - Barry Rado
Max, Junior - Norman Rado
Kyle Thornhill - Fay Roope
Waiter - Shimen Ruskin
Court Clerk - Dick (I) Ryan
Sheriff in Courtroom - Charles (I) Sherlock
Tiger - Eddie Lou (I) Simms
Salesman - Frank Sully
Courtroom Spectator - Hal Taggart
Attorney - Arthur Tovey
Waiter - John Trebach
Mr. Bowker - Party Guest - Emmett Vogan
Eddie Tasling - Dick Wessel
Morton H. Clay - Frank Wilcox
Milkman - Wilson Wood
Party Guest - Will (I) Wright
Court Clerk - John Zaremba
Mr. Creely - Marshall Bradford
Attorney - Paul (I) Bradley
Bill Collector - Leonard Bremen
Butler - Peter Brocco
Salesman - Harry (II) Brown
Man With Bushy Hair - John (I) Call
Second Prosecutor - Robert (I) Carson
Train Conductor - Ed (I) Cassidy
Proctor - Law Professor - Wheaton Chambers
Photographer - Mack Chandler
Edmund Jethrow - Ray (I) Collins
Prosecuting Attorney - Russ (I) Conway
Judge Jennings - Curtis Cooksey
Salesman - Tom (III) Daly
Minor Role - Bert (I) Davidson
Punchy - Karl 'Killer' Davis
Mr. Cumberly - Hal K. Dawson
Willis Gilpin - Bobby Diamond
Prosecutor at Hearing - Lawrence Dobkin
Mr.Jankin - Party Guest - Charles (IV) Evans
Juror - Charles (I) Ferguson
Mr. Jones - Sam Flint
Maxwell Webster - Glenn (I) Ford

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