Who played the role of Alice\'s Mother | Which actor played Alice\'s Mother

The character of Alice\'s Mother is played by Dora Mills Adams in A Coney Island Princess Film released in 1916.

Stella Adams in To the Brave Belong the Fair Film released in 1913.

Sh�ko Aida in Hana to Arisu Film released in 2004.

Sheila (I) Allen in Alice in Wonderland TV Film released in 1985.

Margaret Joslin in A Western Legacy Film released in 1912.

Adelaide Jo�o in Nico d'Obra TV Series released in 1993.

Brigitte Kahn in Wilderness TV Series released in 1996.

Su (I) Liu in Shaonian you Film released in 1958.

Carla Lupi in Tudo Por Amor TV Series released in 2002.

Laura Jones Macknin in The Small Assassin Film released in 2007.

Nefeli Maistrali in End of Story Film released in 2010.

Bruna Matsin in Sam Hell Film released in 2008.

Katherine Mccallum in Love, Emma Film released in 2009.

Maggie (I) McCoy in Utburd Video released in 2011.

Anne O'Neal in So You Want a Model Railroad Film released in 1955.

Noriko Omachi in Hanbun Film released in 2015.

Rachel Paulson in Mr. Boogy Film released in 2015.

Deborah Rush in Alice at the Palace TV Film released in 1982.

Sharon Sigler in Natural Poisons Film released in 2011.

Felicity Soper in Romulus, My Father Film released in 2007.

Katalin Tak�cs in Chacho Rom Film released in 2002.

Germaine Tournier in Les arpenteurs Film released in 1972.

Eha Urbsalu in Still Alice Film released in 2014.

Madge Blake in Beulah TV Series released in 1950.

Gwen Verdon in Alice Film released in 1990.

Inez Walker in Saved by a Watch Film released in 1914.

Andrea Williamson in The Garden of Edward Film released in 2007.

Kate (I) Bruce in The Engagement Ring Film released in 1912.

Ana Calabozo in The Flower in the Bottle Film released in 2013.

Camille D'Arcy in The Prince Chap Film released in 1916.

Margaret (III) Davis in Alice's Wonderland Film released in 1923.

Claire (I) Denis in En avoir Film released in 0.

Marie Denn in Little House on the Prairie TV Series released in 1974.

Margery Bonney Erskine in A Good Sport Film released in 1913.

Susan Fallender in Architecture of Reassurance Film released in 2000.

Templeton Fox in The Honeymooners TV Film released in 1976.

Julia Swayne Gordon in At Scrogginses' Corner Film released in 1912.

Sunshine Hart in Gooseland Film released in 1926.

Sunshine Hart in Spanking Breezes Film released in 1926.

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Who played Alice\'s Mother Which actors played the role of Alice\'s Mother.

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