Who played the role of Aliza | Which actor played Aliza

The character of Aliza is played by Annie (I) Abbott in My Summer Friend Film released in 2009.

Shandy Aulia in Apa artinya cinta? Film released in 2005.

Irit (I) Kaplan in Metim LeRega TV Series released in 2014.

Hannah Levien in Dismantled Film released in 2012.

Hadas Morano in Hitganvut Yehidim Film released in 2010.

Jennifer Oguzie in Miles Away Film released in 2015.

Meital Paran in Land of the Little People Film released in 0.

Aliza Pearl in The Silver Lake Badminton and Adventurers Club TV Series released in 2011.

Lital Rosenzweig in Revaka plus Film released in 2012.

Tami Spivak in The Hunger of Aliza Film released in 2011.

Emilie Ullerup in Riese TV Series released in 2009.

Aliza Weintraub in Ha-Mofa Shel Pini HaGadol TV Series released in 2003.

Tori (I) White in Criminal Minds TV Series released in 2005.

Eliza Morales Brown in Windows Film released in 2010.

Tikva Dayan in Summer Story Film released in 2004.

Ava Fitch in The Devil's Arithmetic TV Film released in 1999.

Tara Jayn in Worthy Film released in 2015.

Adi Rogel in Aruchat Erev Film released in 2009.

Aleksandra Stepniewski in Faceless Film released in 2013.

Doorsa Tarazi in Moving Forward Video released in 2011.

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Who played Aliza Which actors played the role of Aliza.

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