Who played the role of Anchor Woman | Which actor played Anchor Woman

The character of Anchor Woman is played by Constance (I) Jones in The Secret She Carried TV Film released in 1996.

Karen (I) Kahn in Black Sheep Film released in 1996.

Laura Kightlinger in Pootie Tang Film released in 2001.

Laura (II) Kim in Restraining Order Film released in 1999.

Barbara (III) Logan in Shero Transgender Superhero Film released in 2015.

Gloria Macarenko in Falling from the Sky: Flight 174 TV Film released in 1995.

Liz MacRae in No Alibi Film released in 2000.

Michelle Madden in Perfect Assassins TV Film released in 1998.

Mary Beth McDade in The Howling: Reborn Video released in 2011.

Jane McDougle in The Hitchhiker TV Series released in 1983.

Adela Micha in La hija del can�bal Film released in 2003.

Dagmar Midcap in Traffic TV Series released in 2004.

Diana (II) Morgan in Running Mates TV Film released in 2000.

Leigh Morrow in Neon Rider TV Series released in 1989.

Leigh Morrow in Sliders TV Series released in 1995.

Leyna Nguyen in Austin Powers in Goldmember Film released in 2002.

Chelsea (I) Noble in The Willies Film released in 1990.

Colleen Passard in Death Machine Film released in 1994.

Margo Peace in Great Expectations Film released in 1998.

Nicole Pettis in The Millers TV Series released in 2013.

Danea Rhodes in Banger Film released in 2015.

Lara Starr Rigores in Cook Her Pants Off TV Series released in 2011.

Danea Rhodes in Banger Film released in 2015.

Lara Starr Rigores in Cook Her Pants Off TV Series released in 2011.

Barbara Scolaro in The Nick Cannon Show TV Series released in 2002.

Suzanne Sena in Lincoln Heights TV Series released in 2006.

Anne Stockton in The Day the Bread Turned Green Film released in 2008.

Christine J. Svetina in The DSK Story Video released in 2012.

Sallie Tighe in Night of the Naked Dead Film released in 2012.

Gwen Tolbart in The Maharaja's Daughter TV Series released in 1994.

Jackie Tranchida in Louie TV Series released in 2010.

Mung-Ling Tsui in Friday the 13th TV Series released in 1987.

Sonia Dhillon Tully in Finding Buck McHenry TV Film released in 2000.

Jenniffer Weigel in New Port South Film released in 2001.

Suzanne (I) Whang in Dexter TV Series released in 2006.

Colleen Winton in Stay Tuned Film released in 1992.

Denice Wolf in Chip & Bernie's Zomance Film released in 2014.

Jenna Wolfe in The Buffalo Son Film released in 2009.

Yvette Yurcisin in The Altruist Film released in 2004.

Elena Zazanis in Razan Film released in 2006.

Eramelinda Boquer in The List Film released in 2000.

Deborah (I) Burgess in Sins of Silence TV Film released in 1996.

Kathryn Childers in The Legend of Billie Jean Film released in 1985.

Ashton Clay in Scent Film released in 2014.

Christine Clayburg in Desperate Housewives TV Series released in 2004.

Rebecca Clemons in Airwolf TV Series released in 1984.

Lindsay (I) Clift in Re-Kill Film released in 2013.

Erica Connell in New World Order: The End Has Come Film released in 2013.

Tonia Cooke in Murder Rap Film released in 1987.

Cecile Cristobal in A Near Death Experience TV Film released in 2008.

Faye Dance in Kung Fu: The Legend Continues TV Series released in 1993.

Christine (I) Devine in The Cable Guy Film released in 1996.

Sharon (I) Dunn in Closer and Closer TV Film released in 1996.

Emeli Emanuelson in Fame Machine Film released in 2015.

Leigh Rachel Faith in Dark Power Film released in 2013.

Jami Floyd in Raising the Bar TV Series released in 2008.

Andrea Frankle in A Perfect Day TV Film released in 2006.

Jen (III) Gatien in Meskada Film released in 2010.

Ginger Gonzaga in All Together Now Film released in 2013.

Tennile Marie Goosic in Blazed to the Future Film released in 2013.

Sophia Grabner in First Sight Film released in 2012.

Stacy (I) Grant in The Life and Hard Times of Guy Terrifico Film released in 2005.

Debbie (I) Gregory in To Grandmother's House We Go TV Film released in 1992.

Wendy (II) Griffith in Rumors of Wars Film released in 2014.

Jo (I) Hall in Halifax f.p. TV Series released in 1994.

Pat Harvey in Once and Again TV Series released in 1999.

Kelly (I) Hu in Strange Days Film released in 1995.

Cindy Huynh in Chicago Heights Film released in 2015.

Mitsuko Ishii in Tsuribaka Nisshi 10 Film released in 1998.

Louise Jacoby in The Vault Film released in 2005.

Ginger Jeffries in Victim's Song Film released in 2008.

Kristina Nuzzo in I'm Still Here Film released in 2009.

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Who played Anchor Woman Which actors played the role of Anchor Woman.

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