Who played the role of Andras | Which actor played Andras

The character of Andras is played by L. Galka in Boj sa skonc� zajtra Film released in 1951.

Jeffrey C. Hawkins in Walking with the Enemy Film released in 2013.

John Hutch in Grim: A Tale of Death Film released in 0.

Charles (I) Keating in Supernatural TV Series released in 1977.

Vincent (II) Martin in Haute tension TV Series released in 1988.

Tibor (I) Moln�r in Csillagosok, katon�k Film released in 1967.

Albert Barr� in La chatte m�tamorphos�e en femme Film released in 1910.

Mijo Pavelko in Kraljica noci Film released in 2001.

Tam�s Philippovits in Hanna's War Film released in 1988.

Joel (IX) Robinson in Chosen Film released in 2015.

Roger Sciberras in Fool's Gold Film released in 2008.

Saul Stein in Dead Man Down Film released in 2013.

�d�m Tompa in D�niel Film released in 2014.

Allan Trevor in Homicide TV Series released in 1964.

�rp�d (I) T�th in Adj kir�ly katon�t Film released in 1983.

Tony (I) Benson in Combat! TV Series released in 1962.

Sean (I) Buckley in Inside No. 9 TV Series released in 2014.

Jason (I) Carter in Charmed TV Series released in 1998.

Raymond de Baecker in Les compagnons de Baal TV Series released in 1968.

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Who played Andras Which actors played the role of Andras.

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