Who played the role of Azazel | Which actor played Azazel

The character of Azazel is played by Chelsi (I) Archambeau in The Hunter's Moon TV Series released in 2012.

Jennifer Lonardo in The Hunter's Circle Film released in 2013.

Kerri Taylor in She-Demons of the Black Sun Film released in 2006.

Jody (I) Thompson in Andromeda TV Series released in 2000.

Alain Goulem in Supernatural: The Animation TV Series released in 2011.

Hilton Graham in Demons vs. Zombies: The Rise of Azazel Film released in 2013.

Jevocas Green in Uncanny X-Men TV Series released in 2012.

Gulshan Grover in Nephilim Film released in 2015.

Jaron Hickerty in Darker Than Night TV Series released in 2014.

Michael (XXVII) Kane in Creatures of the Night Film released in 2013.

Takuya Kirimoto in Kaettekita Tokumei Sentai G�basut�zu Varusesu D�butsu Sentai G�basut�zu Video released in 2013.

John Phillip Law in Il giorno del porco Film released in 1992.

Fredric Lehne in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Raw Leiba in Ember Days Video released in 2013.

David (V) Marr in Shadow Bound TV Series released in 2013.

David E. McMahon in The Night Shift: Book 1 Film released in 2015.

Beno�t Aumais in Adramelech Film released in 1985.

Hal Ozsan in Fallen TV Series released in 2007.

Phil (II) Parsons in High School DxD TV Series released in 2012.

David Rintoul in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron Film released in 2011.

Tony J.D. Sterago in Darkest Days Film released in 2005.

Naoya Uchida in Supernatural: The Animation TV Series released in 2011.

Adam Bogen in Adam's Testament Film released in 2016.

Aleksandar Zivkovic in Beautiful Sin Film released in 2014.

Chris Canal in Time Is on Her Side Film released in 2011.

Wesley Dwaine in Black Blood Film released in 2013.

Jes�s (X) D�az in Historia muerta Film released in 2011.

Richard Epcar in Tekken 6 Film released in 2009.

Jason Flemyng in X-Men: First Class Film released in 2011.

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Who played Azazel Which actors played the role of Azazel.

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