Who played the role of Balthazar | Which actor played Balthazar

The character of Balthazar is played by Anita Allara in Van den heiligen drien Film released in 2003.

Heather Fagan in Damned TV Series released in 2011.

Djedje Apali in Un cuento de Navidad TV Film released in 2014.

Arno (I) in La piq�re Film released in 2011.

C�sar Gattegno in Pour une fille en rouge TV Film released in 1992.

Louis Gay in Regain Film released in 1937.

Maurits Goossens in De eerste nowel TV Film released in 1977.

Michael Harbour in Night & Day TV Series released in 2001.

Mark (I) Heath in No Star on the Way Back TV Film released in 1963.

Carleton Hobbs in L'Arl�sienne TV Film released in 1950.

Jonnie Hurn in Bogo & Flit Film released in 2015.

John W. Iwanonkiw in Shade's Last Run Video released in 2010.

Andrew (II) Jackson in The Comedy of Errors TV Film released in 1989.

Henrik Jandorf in Alletiders julemand TV Series released in 1997.

L�o Jean-Desch�nes in Quelque chose de mal Film released in 2005.

James Earl Jones in Jesus of Nazareth TV Series released in 1977.

Jean-Pierre Kalfon in Mamaia Film released in 1967.

David (I) Kelly in The Comedy of Errors TV Film released in 1983.

Waleed (I) Khalid in It's Adam and Shelley TV Series released in 2007.

Philippe Khorsand in M'as-tu-vu? TV Series released in 1988.

Gabe Kimball in Much Ado About Nothing Film released in 2010.

Herv� Kimenyi in Mati�re Grise Film released in 2011.

Art�r K�lid in Mary, Mother of Jesus TV Film released in 1999.

Charles Lamy in La chanson d'une nuit Film released in 1933.

Glyn Lawson in He That Should Come TV Film released in 1948.

Didier le Gouic in L'amour de son prochain Film released in 2013.

Rolf Lefebvre in BBC Play of the Month TV Series released in 1965.

Mark Lenard in The Greatest Story Ever Told Film released in 1965.

Nicholas Liepman in A Light in the Sinking Darkness Film released in 2013.

Donny James Lucas in Millennium Film released in 1996.

Ralph (I) Lucas in Beverly Hills Vamp Film released in 1989.

Piero Lulli in L'eroe di Babilonia Film released in 1963.

Peter Mackriel in Wonders in Letterland TV Series released in 1985.

Jean-Pierre Marielle in Un monsieur de compagnie Film released in 1964.

Arthur Mark in Cinderdrift Film released in 2003.

Jo�o (III) Matos in Star Crossed Film released in 2009.

Jason R. Moore in Company Retreat Film released in 2009.

Robin Morgenthaler in Entre ma m�re et elle Film released in 2013.

Mouss (I) in Le r�veillon, c'est � quel �tage? TV Film released in 1992.

Michael (IV) Murray in Festival TV Series released in 1963.

Patrice Naiambana in Son of God Film released in 2014.

Patrice Naiambana in The Bible TV Series released in 2013.

Lucien Nat in Le tribunal de l'impossible TV Series released in 1967.

Jerry (I) Nelson in The Christmas Toy TV Film released in 1986.

Jerry (I) Nelson in The Secret Life of Toys TV Series released in 1994.

Pierre Attoh in L'extraterrestre Film released in 2000.

Long John Baldry in Ben Hur Video released in 2003.

Lucien Barjon in Fontcouverte TV Series released in 1965.

Patrick Bauchau in I magi randagi Film released in 1996.

Richard (I) Bauer in Death Gate Film released in 1994.

Charles (I) Belcher in Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ Film released in 1925.

Bernard Belin in Le marchand de Venise TV Film released in 1980.

Andr� Nicolle in Le danseur inconnu Film released in 1929.

John (V) Nolan in Masterpiece Theatre TV Series released in 1971.

John (XIII) Nolan in Masterpiece Theatre TV Series released in 1971.

Neran Persaud in The 3 Kings Film released in 2000.

Uriel Porter in Away in a Manger TV Film released in 1955.

Nigel Pratt in Deceptions Film released in 1992.

Louis Ravet in L'Arl�sienne Film released in 1922.

Sebastian Roch� in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Diego Rodeiro in Las nornas Film released in 2012.

Gavin Rossdale in Constantine Film released in 2005.

Joseph (IV) Roth in Tourn�e Film released in 2010.

Allelon Ruggiero in Shakespeare's Merchant Film released in 2003.

Cornelius Schwalm in Pink Film released in 2009.

Keith (I) Skinner in Romeo and Juliet Film released in 1968.

Harry Dean Stanton in Rango Film released in 2011.

Gary Anthony (I) Stennette in Los reyes magos Film released in 2003.

Bob Stijnen in Kiekeboe: Het witte bloed Film released in 1992.

Nicolas Tronc in A Soldier's Tale Film released in 1989.

Gaspard Ulliel in Tu honoreras ta m�re et ta m�re Film released in 2012.

Rolf Wanka in Tales of the Vikings TV Series released in 1959.

Terry Waterhouse in The Merchant of Venice TV Film released in 1976.

Eliot Benjamin in The Boy Princes: A Tragedie Most Monstrous Film released in 2007.

Jackson Bews in Social Suicide Film released in 2015.

Jean-Pierre Bisson in La nuit des fant�mes TV Film released in 1990.

Didier Bourdon in Les rois mages Film released in 2001.

Ben (I) Braun in Gravity Film released in 2004.

Marcos Breda in Paix�es Proibidas TV Series released in 2006.

Raymond Burr in Family Theatre TV Series released in 1949.

Nicolas Cage in The Sorcerer's Apprentice Film released in 2010.

Vando Campos in A �ltima Ceia Film released in 2012.

Peter Capaldi in The Nativity TV Series released in 2010.

Patrick Carlyle in Selfie TV Series released in 2014.

Stephen Clarke-Willson in Azurik: Rise of Perathia Film released in 2001.

Christian Clemenson in Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV Series released in 1997.

Tyrell Clement in Romeo & Juliet Film released in 2015.

Patrick Colabella in D&D Inc. The Quest for the +5 Stapler Film released in 2006.

Edric Connor in King of Kings Film released in 1961.

Antonio (III) Contreras in Are You Here Film released in 2013.

Gregory (I) Cook in Salvation Film released in 2007.

Don Creech in Karma Local Film released in 1998.

Keene Curtis in The Smurfs Springtime Special TV Film released in 1982.

Keene Curtis in Smurfs TV Series released in 1981.

Kevin De Carli in Frozen Roads Film released in 2010.

Sylvio De Pedrelli in Le berceau de dieu Film released in 1926.

Albert Delpy in L'�me-soeur Film released in 1999.

Jean-Claude Deret in Chapit� Film released in 2007.

Moussa Diallo in Jesus & Josefine TV Series released in 2003.

Patrick (I) Doyle in Much Ado About Nothing Film released in 1993.

Michel Duchaussoy in Lune de miel Film released in 2007.

Michael Clarke Duncan in The Scorpion King Film released in 2002.

Matt (I) Ellis in Le petit prince TV Series released in 2010.

Anton F�ral in Passage secret Film released in 1985.

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