Who played the role of Barnaby | Which actor played Barnaby

The character of Barnaby is played by David (I) Allard in Daydreams, Nightmares, Daemons TV Film released in 2004.

Rudolph Anders in Hotel de Paree TV Series released in 1959.

Eddi Arent in Das Gasthaus an der Themse Film released in 1962.

Andy (I) Gates in 1000 Ways to Die TV Series released in 2008.

Michael (I) Gough in The Haunting of Helen Walker TV Film released in 1995.

James (XIX) Green in 62 Sleeps Film released in 2004.

Michael (I) Halpin in Muffin Top: A Love Story Film released in 2014.

Peter (I) Hobbs in The Next One Film released in 1984.

Kobna Holdbrook-Smith in Whites TV Series released in 2010.

Matthew William Jones in Kingsman: The Secret Service Film released in 2014.

Rick (I) Jones in El regreso del viento del Norte Film released in 1994.

Rick (I) Jones in La leyenda del viento del Norte Film released in 1992.

Frankie Kabott in Barnaby TV Film released in 1965.

Oliver Kalkofe in Urmel voll in Fahrt Film released in 2008.

Archie Kidd in Mr. Right Film released in 2009.

Seung-Ho (I) Kim in Toi-rand un mohop ha Film released in 1958.

David (I) King in To Serve Them All My Days TV Series released in 1980.

Troy Kotsur in The Number 23 Film released in 2007.

Martin (II) Laing in Dark Enemy Film released in 1984.

Gil Lamb in Terror in a Texas Town Film released in 1958.

Frank (I) Lee in Thomas and Sarah TV Series released in 1979.

Denham Leftwich in The Final Song Film released in 2014.

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe in Last Kind Words Film released in 2012.

Pietro Martellanza in Il trono di fuoco Film released in 1970.

Julien Masterson in Spyfall Film released in 2014.

Daniel (I) Mays in Victor Frankenstein Film released in 2015.

Howard McNear in Peter Gunn TV Series released in 1958.

Eoin McQuinn in Blood Jungle ...or Eviva il Coltello! Film released in 2011.

Scott Michaelson in Sabrina, Down Under TV Film released in 1999.

Evan (II) Mills in It's a Terrible Week for Singing Film released in 2015.

Charles (III) Morgan in Wreckers at Dead Eye TV Series released in 1970.

Neil (I) Mullarkey in Spice World Film released in 1997.

Kristian Nairn in Ripper Street TV Series released in 2012.

Robert (I) Arthur in Young Bess Film released in 1953.

Don 'Red' Barry in 77 Sunset Strip TV Series released in 1958.

Peter (I) Bathurst in Out of the Unknown TV Series released in 1965.

Paul Batters in Screen Two TV Series released in 1985.

Ralph Nossek in My Life in Ruins Film released in 2009.

PJ Oaten in Fairy Dancing Video released in 2005.

PJ Oaten in Fairy Fun Fun Fun Video released in 2007.

PJ Oaten in The Fairies: Fairy Magic Video released in 2005.

PJ Oaten in The Fairies TV Series released in 2005.

Cameron Oro in 1000 Ways to Die TV Series released in 2008.

Leonardas Pobedonoscevas in Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God Film released in 2005.

Michael J. Pollard in Simon & Simon TV Series released in 1981.

Nick Raio in A Merry Little Christmas Film released in 2006.

John Rhys-Davies in Nameless Film released in 2015.

Jimmy (III) Robinson in The Black Klansman Film released in 1966.

Deep Roy in Jewtholic Video released in 2013.

William Schallert in Sweetzer Film released in 2007.

Leslie Schofield in The Onedin Line TV Series released in 1971.

Sam Sebastian in Silent Film released in 2008.

Jamey Sheridan in Reunion Film released in 2009.

Hal (I) Smith in My Favorite Martian TV Series released in 1963.

Karl (XI) Smith in An Intimate Portrait of a Jobbing Zombie Family Film released in 2014.

Karl (XI) Smith in Meet the Cadavers Film released in 0.

Keith (I) Smith in Moll Flanders TV Film released in 1975.

Vittorio Stagni in La pietra di luna TV Series released in 1972.

Joe (I) Starr in The Adventures of Tintin Film released in 2011.

Ted Stidder in Strange Companions TV Film released in 1983.

James (IV) Stratton in Killing the Dog Film released in 2012.

Frank Swart in Stingray Sam Film released in 2009.

Nicholas Tennant in The Bill TV Series released in 1984.

Samuel (III) Thomas in Two Men Drowning in Quicksand Film released in 2010.

Harry Towb in Orlando TV Series released in 1965.

Dick (I) Webb in Barnaby Film released in 1919.

Percy Hynes White in Forty-Five & Five Film released in 2011.

Kent (I) Williams in Meitantei Conan TV Series released in 1996.

Paul (III) Williams in Nick & Noel TV Film released in 1993.

John (II) Winchester in Grandpa in My Pocket TV Series released in 2009.

Jonathan Winters in Shirley Temple's Storybook TV Series released in 1958.

Gabriel Wischmeier in 28 Ounces Later Film released in 2010.

Keenan Wynn in Movin' On TV Series released in 1974.

Yoshi (XV) in Petunia P.I. TV Film released in 2014.

Norman Bird in The Protectors TV Series released in 1964.

Gary (II) Blair in De-Lovely Film released in 2004.

Ray Bolger in Babes in Toyland Film released in 1961.

Ray Bolger in The Walt Disney Comedy and Magic Revue Video released in 1985.

Ray Bolger in Disneyland TV Series released in 1954.

Thomas (II) Bradford in The Rector's Wife TV Series released in 1994.

Henry (I) Brandon in Babes in Toyland Film released in 1934.

Henry (I) Brandon in Little Rascals Varieties Film released in 1959.

Henry (I) Brandon in Rascal Dazzle Film released in 1980.

Henry (I) Brandon in Living Famously TV Series released in 2002.

Barnaby Brookman in No Point TV Film released in 2014.

Bob Buchholz in O Grilo Feliz Film released in 2001.

Daws Butler in Barnaby and Me TV Film released in 1977.

Alan Calton in Austenland Film released in 2013.

Lou Cariffe in Bottom Little Theatre TV Series released in 2015.

Carl Carlsson in The Juggler of Notre Dame TV Film released in 1982.

David (XII) Collier in Brand X Video released in 2006.

Billy (I) Curtis in Faerie Tale Theatre TV Series released in 1982.

Brendan Dalton in Dust! Film released in 2013.

Roger Daltrey in The Real Story of Happy Birthday to You Film released in 1992.

Jarel Davidow in New Detroit Film released in 2001.

Attilio Dottesio in I lunghi giorni dell'odio Film released in 1968.

Francis (I) Ford in The Plunderers Film released in 1948.

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