Who played the role of Billy Brown | Which actor played Billy Brown

The character of Billy Brown is played by Vincent Gallo in Buffalo '66 Film released in 1998.

Dustin Alan Ingram in Redrum TV Series released in 2013.

Gregory Irvin in Steve Canyon TV Series released in 1958.

Ed Mantell in Stealing Lincoln's Body TV Film released in 2009.

Jay (I) Martin in Coronation Street TV Series released in 1960.

Gary (I) Nielson in Crossroads TV Series released in 1964.

Bill (I) Ramsey in Schlagerparade 1961 Film released in 1961.

David Roemmele in Goosebumps TV Series released in 1995.

William (I) Scott in Alone in the Jungle Film released in 1913.

Fred (II) Snyder in Huntingdon's Hero Film released in 1934.

Desmond Tester in An Englishman's Home Film released in 1940.

Andreas (I) Zimmermann in Rosamunde Pilcher TV Series released in 1993.

Tony (I) Dalton in Demobbed Film released in 1946.

Stephens Eric in Dead Rain Film released in 2006.

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Who played Billy Brown Which actors played the role of Billy Brown.

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