Who played the role of Bolton | Which actor played Bolton

The character of Bolton is played by Bruce (II) Gordon in Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse TV Series released in 1958.

MacArthur Gordon in Womanhood Film released in 1934.

Jack Gwillim in The World Ten Times Over Film released in 1963.

Harry Hickox in The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin TV Series released in 1954.

I. Stanford Jolley in The Gabby Hayes Show TV Series released in 1956.

Dan (I) Kemp in Bonanza TV Series released in 1959.

Geoffrey (I) Lewis in Brazilian Brawl Video released in 2003.

Henry B. Longhurst in Circumstantial Evidence Film released in 1952.

Frank Marth in Ironside TV Series released in 1967.

Edwin Neal in Holy Hell Film released in 2009.

Desmond Newling in Sir Francis Drake TV Series released in 1961.

Malcolm Atterbury in Route 66 TV Series released in 1960.

Max Avieson in The Officers' Mess Film released in 1931.

Michael Barrington in Play for Today TV Series released in 1970.

Henry A. Barrows in The Secret Message Film released in 1915.

Steven (I) O'Donnell in Young, Gifted and Broke TV Series released in 1989.

George Petrie in What's So Bad About Feeling Good? Film released in 1968.

Malcolm (I) Phillips in Division 4 TV Series released in 1969.

Jon (I) Pollard in Heartbreak High TV Series released in 1994.

Tim (II) Potter in Murder Rooms: Mysteries of the Real Sherlock Holmes TV Series released in 2000.

Frederic Smith in Kings and Desperate Men Film released in 1981.

Fred (I) Starr in Life of the Party Film released in 1920.

Claude Stroud in Perry Mason TV Series released in 1957.

Harry Stubbs in Three Live Ghosts Film released in 1929.

Ken Terrell in Jungle Gold TV Film released in 1966.

George A. Williams in The Oil Well Conspiracy Film released in 1914.

Bruce Winston in Patricia Brent, Spinster Film released in 1919.

Raghuvir (I) Yadav in Electric Moon Film released in 1992.

Arthur Edmund Carewe in Sham Film released in 1921.

Beeson Carroll in Shamus Film released in 1973.

Charles (I) Coleman in Housewife Film released in 1934.

David Daker in Charlie Muffin TV Film released in 1979.

Mischa De La Motte in The Adventurer TV Series released in 1972.

John Doman in The Journey of August King Film released in 1995.

Robert Duvall in In Dubious Battle Film released in 2015.

Ron (I) Foster in The Proud and Profane Film released in 1956.

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Who played Bolton Which actors played the role of Bolton.

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