Who played the role of Brennan | Which actor played Brennan

The character of Brennan is played by Sam (II) Wolfe in One Life to Live TV Series released in 1968.

Nathalie (I) Breuer in Lies Like Truth Film released in 2004.

Christopher Amitrano in 24 TV Series released in 2001.

Edward (I) Arnold in Sadie McKee Film released in 1934.

Kaz Garas in Riker TV Series released in 1981.

Tony Garnett in Incident at Midnight Film released in 1963.

Tony Garnett in The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre TV Series released in 1960.

Marc Grapey in What About Joan TV Series released in 2000.

Steven Grayhm in Dead Like Me TV Series released in 2003.

Ian (I) Gregory in Sex Crimes Film released in 1992.

Eddie Gribbon in They Learned About Women Film released in 1930.

Steven Grives in The Custodian Film released in 1993.

Ron Hackett in Rush TV Series released in 1974.

Brennan Haleski in Green Piece TV Film released in 2015.

Lloyd (I) Hamilton in Camera Shy Film released in 1930.

Stacy (I) Harris in The Partners TV Series released in 1971.

Stanton Heck in One Law for the Woman Film released in 1924.

Robert (I) Hogan in Against the Law TV Series released in 1990.

Morgan Hopkins in Chosen TV Series released in 2004.

Hugh Huntley in The Jury's Secret Film released in 1938.

Thomas E. Jackson in Crime Takes a Holiday Film released in 1938.

T.J. (I) Jones in 40's and Failing TV Series released in 2015.

Brennan Justice in Afterwords Film released in 2014.

Richard Kahan in Smallville TV Series released in 2001.

Brennan Kelleher in Milk Snakes Film released in 2013.

Brennan Kelleher in Hollywood Acting Studio TV Series released in 2013.

Patrick (V) Kelly in The Mysterious Pilot Film released in 1937.

Leonard Kelly-Young in Diamond Men Film released in 2000.

Joshua Kwak in The Next Big Thing Film released in 2011.

Tyronne L'Hirondelle in Millennium Film released in 1996.

Timothy Lyle in Knots Film released in 2010.

Joe (I) Marchman in Powder Film released in 1995.

Zook Matthews in Dead Man's Gun TV Series released in 1997.

James McCallion in The Invaders TV Series released in 1967.

F.J. McCormick in The Plough and the Stars Film released in 1936.

Brennan (I) McDonald in The Physics Perspective Film released in 2012.

Mike Monty in The Black Cobra 2 Film released in 1989.

Michael (II) Morris in Katts and Dog TV Series released in 1988.

Alex (V) Moss in Owen Has a Couch Film released in 2013.

Anthony Nace in A Son Comes Home Film released in 1936.

Preston (I) Bailey in Seven Years Film released in 2008.

Tony Bazell in Matlock Police TV Series released in 1971.

Benny Nieves in Central Park West TV Series released in 1995.

Colin O'Donoghue in The Dust Storm Film released in 2015.

Michael (II) Patterson in Third Watch TV Series released in 1999.

Walter Percival in Guilty or Not Guilty Film released in 1932.

Barry (I) Primus in SpaceCamp Film released in 1986.

Roy Purcell in Clue of the Twisted Candle Film released in 1960.

Roy Purcell in The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre TV Series released in 1960.

Bryan (I) Renfro in Between Love and Honor TV Film released in 1995.

Anthony (I) Reynolds in The Red Road TV Series released in 2014.

Brennan Roblewsky in Home Movie Film released in 2015.

Mike (XV) Rodriguez in Chapter One: The Date Film released in 2013.

Ahmad Russ in The Lives of Better Men Film released in 2015.

Dan Salem in This Indie Thing TV Series released in 2010.

Michael Salinas in Home of Phobia Film released in 2004.

Patrick Samokhvalof in The Greatest American Race Film released in 2012.

William Sanderson in Dead Aim Film released in 1987.

August Schellenberg in The Equalizer TV Series released in 1985.

John (II) Serge in My Mother's Secret TV Film released in 2012.

Jayson Simba in The Floating Rose Film released in 2005.

Brennan (I) Taylor in Portal, Man TV Series released in 2014.

Alejandro Tejer�as in Limoncello Film released in 2007.

Cyril Thornton in Among the Missing Film released in 1934.

Nick Tittone in Top Coat Cash Film released in 2015.

Brennan Towle in Shot Film released in 2013.

Quin Van Buskirk in Tonight Will Go as Follows Film released in 2015.

Al Waxman in Sweating Bullets TV Series released in 1991.

Bob Wehling in Lux Video Theatre TV Series released in 1950.

Eric Wehrle in Undead Film released in 2011.

Tanner (I) Weston in Korengal Film released in 2012.

James Wlcek in The Sector Film released in 2015.

Aaron (III) Wood in Funny Guy Film released in 2009.

Carleton Young in Diplomatic Courier Film released in 1952.

Logan Riley Bruner in Game Night Film released in 2012.

Bruno Bruni Jr. in Lost TV Series released in 2004.

Joe Bugner in Uno sceriffo extraterrestre... poco extra e molto terrestre Film released in 1979.

Brennan Campbell in Road to E3 TV Series released in 2011.

Mark Lindsay (I) Chapman in Nash Bridges TV Series released in 1996.

Fred Chappell in Rigby Film released in 2010.

Brett Climo in Five Mile Creek TV Series released in 1983.

Adrian (I) Colon in Scape Film released in 2010.

Miles Cooper in This Is I.T. Film released in 0.

Scott (I) Coscia in No Man's Ghost Film released in 2013.

Dave (I) Cote in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Brennan Crewe in It's Always Smoggy in L.A. TV Series released in 2009.

Alexander D'Arcy in City Detective TV Series released in 1953.

Behzad Dabu in King Rat Film released in 2017.

Rowland Davies in Angels TV Series released in 1975.

Braden Davis in Unknowns TV Series released in 2012.

Harrison Derbyshire in Wrong Number Film released in 2014.

Guy Di Rigo in Emmenez-moi au th��tre: Pas d'orchid�es pour Miss Blandisch TV Film released in 1978.

Reilly Dolman in Bionic Woman TV Series released in 2007.

Stephen (I) Dunne in The Gentle Gunman Film released in 1952.

Keith Eden in Ryan TV Series released in 1973.

Brett Edwards in Paranormal Incident Film released in 2011.

John (I) Elliott in The Nevada Buckaroo Film released in 1931.

Marlon Enriquez in I Love Your Moves Video released in 2012.

Leon Errol in Make a Wish Film released in 1937.

John (I) Finnegan in Come See the Paradise Film released in 1990.

Horst Fitzthum in Dynamit TV Film released in 1969.

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