Who played the role of Bride\'s Father | Which actor played Bride\'s Father

The character of Bride\'s Father is played by Abdelrazzag Al Zoubi in Only in New York Film released in 2013.

Paul (I) Arlington in Twenty-One Film released in 1991.

John (IV) Gill in A Wedding TV Film released in 1961.

John (I) Gowans in Doogie Howser, M.D. TV Series released in 1989.

Denys Graham in The Magnificent Evans TV Series released in 1984.

Tom Guise in The Strangers' Banquet Film released in 1922.

Michael (I) Gwynn in World Theatre TV Series released in 1959.

Philip (I) Harvey in The Last Horror Movie Film released in 2003.

Kenneth Hastwell in Coronation Street TV Series released in 1960.

John (I) Joyce in The Bill TV Series released in 1984.

Michael (I) Kagan in Step by Step TV Series released in 1991.

Kalyanraman in Mango Souffle Film released in 2002.

Zbyslaw Kogut in Three of Hearts Film released in 1993.

Hans-Peter Korff in Wedding Daydream Film released in 2004.

Dwight Koss in Heavenly Match TV Film released in 2014.

Vladim�r Leraus in Svat� hr�snice Film released in 1970.

Daniel Lesur in Les cachetonneurs Film released in 1998.

Matthew (I) Long in The Bill TV Series released in 1984.

Andre Lowe in Jane the Virgin TV Series released in 2014.

Ev Lunning in Tempting David Film released in 2001.

Raymond Lynch in Chaplin Film released in 1992.

Norman (I) Mann in The Last Horror Movie Film released in 2003.

David (I) Markham in ITV Playhouse TV Series released in 1967.

Vinayak Misra in Daayraa Film released in 1996.

Ry�tar� Mizushima in Hanamuko no negoto Film released in 1935.

Andr� (I) Morell in The Slipper and the Rose: The Story of Cinderella Film released in 1976.

Mark Nemitz in Pendulum Swings Film released in 2011.

Raymond E. (I) Bailey in The Beast of Bottomless Lake Film released in 2010.

Niyi Bamiro in In Time Film released in 2005.

Judge Felix Barrera in Leningrad Cowboys Go America Film released in 1989.

John C. Becher in Say Yes Film released in 1986.

Rahul Bedi in Don't Explain Film released in 1998.

Mick (I) Nolan in Goodbye Film released in 2013.

Alex (I) Norton in Braveheart Film released in 1995.

Graham Padden in Silent Witness TV Series released in 1996.

Ron Paterson in The Privilege Film released in 1982.

Gyan (I) Prakash in Matrubhoomi: A Nation Without Women Film released in 2003.

Jayaprakash Reddy in Venkatadri Express Film released in 2013.

Trevor (I) Reid in Piccadilly Third Stop Film released in 1960.

Tom (I) Ricketts in Venus of Venice Film released in 1927.

Johnny Ristick in Angelo My Love Film released in 1983.

Michael (I) Roper in Uncle Max TV Series released in 2006.

Alexei Sayle in The Comic Strip Presents... TV Series released in 1982.

Bill (I) Shine in Ouch! Film released in 1967.

Piotr Siejka in Ranczo TV Series released in 2006.

Joe Spinell in Monsignor Film released in 1982.

Frank Stanmore in Let's Love and Laugh Film released in 1931.

Vasili Stepanov in Russkaya svadba XVI stoletiya Film released in 1909.

Sharad Talwalkar in Vardakshina Film released in 1962.

Ry�z� Tanaka in Harajuku Nest Cafe TV Series released in 2012.

Ferris Taylor in Candid Cameramaniacs Film released in 1937.

Stanley Townsend in What a Girl Wants Film released in 2003.

Georgiy Vitsin in Ne mozhet byt! Film released in 1975.

Bert Woodruff in Paths to Paradise Film released in 1925.

V�clav Zichovsk� in Jejich svatebn� noc Film released in 1922.

William (I) Browder in A Christmas Without Snow TV Film released in 1980.

Geoff Clendon in Xena: Warrior Princess TV Series released in 1995.

James Conaty in Bunco Squad Film released in 1950.

Michael (VI) Cunningham in The Magnificent Evans TV Series released in 1984.

Lou Cutell in Bird Film released in 1988.

Aurelio Dinunzio in Swindle TV Film released in 2013.

Joe (I) Dunlop in Rosemary & Thyme TV Series released in 2003.

Jay (I) Eaton in Carrie Film released in 1952.

Phil (II) Fernando in Civvies TV Series released in 1992.

Jonathan Findlater in ASC-DCI StEM Film released in 2004.

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Who played Bride\'s Father Which actors played the role of Bride\'s Father.

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