Who played the role of Brogan | Which actor played Brogan

The character of Brogan is played by Shawn M. Richardz in Painted Parakeets Film released in 2014.

Shawn M. Richardz in Painted Parakeets Film released in 2014.

Brogan Hall in A Whole New World Film released in 2014.

Eddie (II) Hall in Serves You Right Film released in 1935.

Brett (I) Halsey in Matt Houston TV Series released in 1982.

Jon Hamm in Donkey's Christmas Shrektacular Film released in 2010.

Jon Hamm in Shrek Forever After Film released in 2010.

Thomas (I) Heathcote in Z Cars TV Series released in 1962.

Ian Jervis in The Bill TV Series released in 1984.

Russell Kiefel in The Leaving of Liverpool TV Film released in 1992.

Jason (I) Kimball in Sleeping with Frank Film released in 2011.

Sean (VII) Kirkpatrick in Finally Breathe, an Original Music Video Film released in 2013.

Jack Kruschen in Damon Runyon Theater TV Series released in 1955.

John (I) Laughlin in The Pros and Cons of Breathing Film released in 2006.

Ray Mayer in Comet Over Broadway Film released in 1938.

Bart (I) McCarthy in Sons of Anarchy TV Series released in 2008.

Francis X. McCarthy in The Slap Maxwell Story TV Series released in 1987.

Jace Mclean in Sons of Liberty Film released in 2008.

Andrew (X) Beck in Whistle Film released in 2014.

Gregg (I) Palmer in Have Gun - Will Travel TV Series released in 1957.

Vic Polizos in Graveyard Shift Film released in 1990.

Cody Saintgnue in Sessions Film released in 2014.

Markian Tarasiuk in Bunks TV Film released in 2013.

Leo (I) Taylor in The Fire in the Stone Film released in 1984.

Brett Vickerman in Reprobation Film released in 2012.

Michael (LV) Walsh in Interpol TV Film released in 2009.

William Whymper in House of Caradus TV Series released in 1978.

Andrew Younghusband in Anchor Zone Film released in 1994.

Ivan Bonar in Gable and Lombard Film released in 1976.

John (I) Bourgeois in Witchblade TV Series released in 2001.

Edward (I) Brophy in The Thin Man Goes Home Film released in 1945.

Thomas Brouwer in Web of Lies TV Series released in 2014.

David (I) Cargill in Scotland Yard TV Series released in 1960.

Eugen (I) Cristea in Clockmaker Video released in 1998.

Dermot Crowley in Blue Money TV Film released in 1985.

Frank (I) Dunne in The Villains TV Series released in 1964.

Michael (VIII) Finn in 27 Film released in 2009.

Jesse Fleece in Killian Film released in 2008.

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Who played Brogan Which actors played the role of Brogan.

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