Who played the role of Bucky | Which actor played Bucky

The character of Bucky is played by Anita (I) Poree in Living Between Two Worlds Film released in 1963.

Amy (I) Birnbaum in Pok�mon TV Series released in 1998.

Lex Vaughn in Shortbus Film released in 2006.

Alison Viktorin in Doragon b�ru GT: Gok� gaiden! Y�ki no akashi wa s�-shin-ch� TV Film released in 1997.

Natalia Dove in Sorority Row Film released in 2009.

Karen (I) Gold in King Frat Film released in 1979.

Tony Ail in A Klondike Christmas TV Film released in 1990.

Jim Gaffigan in Entropy Film released in 1999.

Zach Galifianakis in Little Fish, Strange Pond Film released in 2009.

Danny Gellis in Chapter Two Film released in 1979.

Howard George in Suddenly Susan TV Series released in 1996.

Lindsay Griffiths in Vagrant Film released in 2010.

Austin (III) Hall in Treelore Theatre TV Series released in 2012.

Austin (IV) Hall in Treelore Theatre TV Series released in 2012.

Al Hardigree in Beyond the Wall of Sleep Film released in 2009.

Zay Harding in Appalachian Man Video released in 2007.

Zay Harding in Appalachian Man: Where Are They Now Film released in 2015.

Shad Hart in 3rd Rock from the Sun TV Series released in 1996.

Raymond Hatton in Black Gold Film released in 1947.

William Hemminger in The Date: Final Cut Film released in 2012.

Paul (I) Hewitt in Ed Film released in 1996.

Bucky Hill in My Hometown TV Series released in 1996.

James (I) Hong in Archer TV Series released in 2009.

Fletcher Humphrys in Chopper Film released in 2000.

Larry Joshua in Unforgiven Film released in 1992.

Rod Keller in Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet Film released in 2010.

Rod Keller in The Super Hero Squad Show TV Series released in 2009.

Sami Kirkpatrick in Hammy's Boomerang Adventure Video released in 2006.

Sami Kirkpatrick in Over the Hedge Film released in 2006.

Zach Leach in Find What You Love... Video released in 2015.

Carl (II) Linton in Murder Capital Film released in 2015.

Christopher Lovick in Night Visions TV Series released in 2000.

James (I) Lujan in Four Quarters Film released in 2014.

Claude Lule in Half-Caste & Hybrids Film released in 2015.

George (I) Macharashvili in Wrong Turn Into Tomorrow Film released in 2015.

Ross (I) Mackenzie in Nadine in Date Land TV Film released in 2005.

Christopher Maitin in Massacre in the Woods Film released in 2011.

Jason (I) Marsden in Histeria! TV Series released in 1998.

Jimmy Martell in If... Dog... Rabbit Film released in 1999.

Kevan Mayne in Snake Film released in 2015.

Alphonso McAuley in Fat Albert Film released in 2004.

Derek (I) McGrath in Hangin' In TV Series released in 1981.

Murray (I) McRae in American Harvest TV Film released in 1987.

Scott Menville in Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja TV Series released in 2012.

Jason Mewes in Big Money Rustlas Film released in 2010.

Randall Meyers in My Three Sons TV Series released in 1960.

Randall (I) Miller in Throw Momma from the Train Film released in 1987.

Evan Mirand in ABC Afterschool Specials TV Series released in 1972.

Ritchie Montgomery in Jayne Mansfield's Car Film released in 2012.

Al (II) Moore in Almost Anything Goes Film released in 1974.

Dylan (III) Moore in Jim E. Drops the Big One Video released in 2010.

Kyle S. More in Bucky and the Squirrels Film released in 2014.

James E. Moriarty in Hold-Up Film released in 2008.

Stephen Badalamenti in Lights Out TV Series released in 2011.

Dee Bradley Baker in Choose Your Own Adventure: The Abominable Snowman Video released in 2006.

Blayn Barbosa in The Zeta Project TV Series released in 2001.

Aaron Beelner in Crackerjack Film released in 2013.

Dalton O'Dell in Pickin' & Grinnin' Film released in 2010.

Michael Opoku in The Mosquito Coast Film released in 1986.

Eric (II) Patton in The Vote Film released in 2011.

Chad (IV) Perkins in Happy Time Network with Bucky & Spiffy Film released in 2014.

Stephen (II) Perkins in Price Check Video released in 2002.

Clifton (I) Powell in Pryor Offenses TV Film released in 2004.

Greg Rawlins in Owenstory Film released in 2004.

Richard Reniere in Seaside Seduction Film released in 2001.

Chaz Reuben in The Pact Among Us Film released in 2015.

Julian Richings in Trigger Film released in 2010.

Rob Riddick in Speakeasy to Me Film released in 2015.

Matt Rigetti in Adventures of Johnny Tao Film released in 2007.

Troy Rudolph in Hiccups TV Series released in 2010.

Gus Schilling in Sing a Jingle Film released in 1944.

Frank Sebastiano in Saturday Night Live TV Series released in 1975.

Dan (I) Sheridan in The Left Handed Gun Film released in 1958.

Lancer Dean Shull in Life's a Joke Film released in 2009.

Mitchell Silberman in A Walk in the Spring Rain Film released in 1970.

Chuck Slavin in The Bob Show TV Series released in 2007.

Malcolm Foster Smith in Sons of Anarchy TV Series released in 2008.

Ray Spiker in South of St. Louis Film released in 1949.

James (I) Staley in Open All Night TV Series released in 1981.

Sullivan (I) Stapleton in Raw FM TV Series released in 1997.

Bob (I) Steele in Cheyenne Film released in 1947.

Tay Strathairn in Eight Men Out Film released in 1988.

Michael Sulprizio in Fall and Spring Film released in 1996.

Matt Surette in Bucky Film released in 2010.

Charlie Talbert in The Mayor TV Film released in 2003.

Steven (I) Tandy in �Please Help Me! Film released in 2015.

James Arnold Taylor in Ultimate Avengers Video released in 2006.

Richard (IV) Terry in Counterfeit Lady Film released in 1936.

Satoshi Tsumabuki in Matthew's Best Hit TV TV Series released in 2001.

Patrick (I) Tyler in Soldier Film released in 1998.

Jared Updike in The Broken Road Film released in 2007.

Leroy Vallejos in Seven Minute Mysteries TV Series released in 2014.

Vishiss in Amerikan Violence Film released in 2014.

Andrew W. Walker in Are You Afraid of the Dark? TV Series released in 1990.

Will (I) Wallace in Broke Sky Film released in 2007.

Muse Watson in iCarly TV Series released in 2007.

Tim Wersan in Bully Film released in 2006.

Mark (II) White in Noah's Ark TV Series released in 1997.

Biff Wiff in Little Nikita Film released in 1988.

Scott Winarski in The Abominable Showman TV Series released in 1988.

Shane Woodson in Without Borders Film released in 2011.

Alex Zahara in Masters of Science Fiction TV Series released in 2007.

Bob (I) Bergen in Kronk's New Groove Video released in 2005.

Bob (I) Bergen in The Emperor's New School TV Series released in 2006.

Chris Bergoch in Fur on the Asphalt: The Greg the Bunny Reunion Show TV Film released in 2005.

Chris Bergoch in Greg the Bunny TV Series released in 2005.

Chris Bergoch in Warren the Ape TV Series released in 2010.

George Berkeley in The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin TV Series released in 1954.

Noah Blake in Still the Beaver TV Series released in 1983.

Robin (II) Blake in The Scarlet Avenger Film released in 2001.

Joseph Bova in Hawk TV Series released in 1966.

Riley Brock in Quintuplets TV Series released in 2004.

Peter (I) Brown in Baywatch TV Series released in 1989.

Steve Buscemi in G-Force Film released in 2009.

Michael (I) Callan in Simon & Simon TV Series released in 1981.

D.W. Campbell in Gunmetal Grey Film released in 2005.

Mickey Caputo in Life Lessons with Bucky and Chuck TV Series released in 2012.

Julius Carry in Disco Godfather Film released in 1979.

Joseph Castanon in Pepper Dennis TV Series released in 2006.

Will (II) Cooper in A Revolution Film released in 2014.

Charlie Cronin in Annabelle's Wish Video released in 1997.

Matt (I) Crowley in Naked City TV Series released in 1958.

Ulysses Cuadra in The Zeta Project TV Series released in 2001.

Pat (I) Cusick in The Real Reason Film released in 0.

Jean (I) Daigle in Termini Station Film released in 1989.

Dex DaRe in Fifth Form Film released in 2009.

Darren Daurie in Lemonade Film released in 2002.

Dany David in Perception Film released in 2012.

Braxton Davis in Passenger TV Series released in 2010.

Steve (V) Davis in Bucky McSnead Video released in 2001.

Rick Dial in Jayne Mansfield's Car Film released in 2012.

John DiMaggio in The Pooch and the Pauper TV Film released in 2000.

Jason (II) Dodds in A Siren in the Dark Video released in 2009.

Johnny Downs in Twilight on the Prairie Film released in 1944.

David (I) Eigenberg in Daybreak TV Film released in 1993.

Nick Feild in Texas Heart Film released in 0.

Miles Feulner in Next Door TV Film released in 1994.

Ulrich Fobain in Die Troudag van Tant Ralie Film released in 1975.

Jayden Fox in Headin' for Mexico Film released in 2015.

Tysen Fraker in 0s & 1s Film released in 2011.

Joe Franciosi in The Bartender Hates You TV Series released in 2009.

Zach (I) Freeman in Moss Creek Film released in 2008.

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