Who played the role of Buttons | Which actor played Buttons

The character of Buttons is played by Moira McDermott in The Loving Dead Film released in 2007.

Lorraine (I) Miller in It's a Small World Film released in 1950.

Christine (VII) Moore in Cannibal Clown Killer TV Film released in 2015.

Lila Pearsall in Unchained Melody Film released in 2009.

Jennifer Billingsley in Hollywood Man Film released in 1976.

Susan Blu in My Little Pony 'n Friends TV Series released in 1986.

B.J. Crosby in Ally McBeal TV Series released in 1997.

P.J. Crosby in Ally McBeal TV Series released in 1997.

Barbara Goodson in A Chucklewood Easter TV Film released in 1987.

Barbara Goodson in The Adventure Machine TV Film released in 1990.

Barbara Goodson in The Christmas Tree Train TV Film released in 1983.

Barbara Goodson in The Turkey Caper TV Film released in 1985.

Barbara Goodson in Chucklewood Critters TV Series released in 1998.

Mariela I'V in One Day TV Series released in 2009.

Ally Iseman in Buttons Video released in 2014.

Jack (I) Albert in Unto Those Who Sin Film released in 1916.

Tamba Allenby in BBC Sunday-Night Theatre TV Series released in 1950.

Brad (I) Garrett in 101 Dalmatians: The Series TV Series released in 1997.

Rupert (I) Hill in Coronation Street: Pantomime TV Film released in 2005.

Damon Hines in Scamps TV Film released in 1982.

Frazer Hines in Cinderella TV Film released in 1958.

Jida in Lake Mungo Film released in 2008.

L.Q. Jones in Iron Angel Film released in 1964.

Richard (I) Keene in Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise Film released in 1940.

Bill Laxson in The Great Bikini Off-Road Adventure Film released in 1994.

Steven Molony in Milk Babies Film released in 2006.

Will Asher in The Haunted Hotel Film released in 1918.

Carlos Besse Peres in Kick-Ass Film released in 2010.

James (I) Rankin in Puppets Who Kill TV Series released in 2002.

Mike (I) Reid in 3-2-1 TV Series released in 1978.

Derek (I) Roy in Cinderella TV Series released in 1947.

Larry B. Scott in Trapper John, M.D. TV Series released in 1979.

Frank (II) Skinner in Cinderella Film released in 2000.

Tommy Steele in Once Upon a Time TV Series released in 1973.

Owen (II) Thomas in BioShock 2 Film released in 2010.

Owen (II) Thomas in Minerva's Den Film released in 2010.

Paul Thornley in Viva Blackpool TV Film released in 2006.

Martin Tiffen in Cinderella TV Film released in 1950.

Coy Watson in The One Woman Idea Film released in 1929.

Duke (I) York in Barbed Wire Film released in 1952.

Chris (I) Bert in Cheerleader Film released in 2015.

Simon Butteriss in London's Burning TV Series released in 1988.

Max Bygraves in Val Parnell's Sunday Night at the London Palladium TV Series released in 1955.

Jackie Coogan in Buttons Film released in 1927.

Jimmy Cricket in Cinderella: The Shoe Must Go On TV Film released in 1986.

Jim (V) Davidson in Sinderella Comes Again Video released in 2004.

Jim (V) Davidson in Sinderella Live Video released in 1995.

Luke Donaldson in Buttons Film released in 2012.

Rex Downing in Adventure in Diamonds Film released in 1940.

F. Scott Driscoll in Cinderella... Frozen in Time TV Film released in 1994.

Stu Francis in Christmas Night of One Hundred Stars TV Film released in 1986.

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Who played Buttons Which actors played the role of Buttons.

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