Who played the role of Carruthers | Which actor played Carruthers

The character of Carruthers is played by Heidi Erich in Where the Bullets Fly Film released in 1966.

Lillian Hall-Davis in Her Reputation Film released in 1931.

Philip (III) Anthony in Sergeant Cork TV Series released in 1963.

Thurston Hall in Dangerous Assignment TV Series released in 1952.

Samuel S. Hinds in Keep 'Em Slugging Film released in 1943.

Vincent Holman in Sexton Blake and the Mademoiselle Film released in 1935.

Denzil Howson in Division 4 TV Series released in 1969.

Robin (I) Hughes in The Loner TV Series released in 1965.

Burl Ives in White Dog Film released in 1982.

Geoffrey Keen in Zarak Film released in 1956.

Monte Landis in The Underachievers Film released in 1987.

Jack Laskey in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Film released in 2011.

Norman (I) Lloyd in The Nude Bomb Film released in 1980.

Laurie Main in The Three Stooges Go Around the World in a Daze Film released in 1963.

Michael Medwin in Heartbeat TV Series released in 1992.

Don Megowan in Branded TV Series released in 1965.

Guy Middleton in Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Presents TV Series released in 1953.

Grant (I) Mitchell in Footsteps in the Dark Film released in 1941.

Rob Monroe in Trapper John, M.D. TV Series released in 1979.

Ralph (I) Moody in Get Smart TV Series released in 1965.

Burt Mustin in Mickey TV Series released in 1964.

Trevor Bardette in Have Gun - Will Travel TV Series released in 1957.

Cal Bartlett in CHiPs TV Series released in 1977.

Dennis (I) O'Connor in Street Law Film released in 1995.

Frank (II) Pellegrino in Swift Justice TV Series released in 1996.

William (I) Relton in Armchair 30 TV Series released in 1973.

Gene (I) Reynolds in The Spirit of Culver Film released in 1939.

Ving Rhames in Evil Angel Film released in 2009.

William Royle in Mexicali Rose Film released in 1939.

Peter Sattmann in Das R�tsel der Sandbank TV Film released in 1987.

John (I) Selby in Conrad Nagel Theater TV Series released in 1955.

Shaughan Seymour in Bullet to Beijing TV Film released in 1995.

Gary (II) Simpson in Silk Stalkings TV Series released in 1991.

Arthur Space in The Six Million Dollar Man TV Series released in 1974.

Robert Symonds in Shell Game TV Film released in 1975.

Simon (I) Thorpe in Snowy River: The McGregor Saga TV Series released in 1993.

Charles 'Bud' Tingwell in Sherlock Holmes TV Series released in 1964.

Hugh Walters in Jules Verne's Rocket to the Moon Film released in 1967.

Thorley Walters in Village Hall TV Series released in 1974.

Richard Wattis in Jumping for Joy Film released in 1956.

Adam (I) West in Return Fire Film released in 1988.

John Sylvester White in Banyon TV Series released in 1971.

John Whiteley in Africa Express Film released in 1990.

Peter (I) Whitney in The Islanders TV Series released in 1960.

William Windom in The Jimmy Stewart Show TV Series released in 1971.

Michael (I) York in The Riddle of the Sands Film released in 1979.

Carleton Young in Miami Expos� Film released in 1956.

Kenneth Benda in The Stud Film released in 1974.

Michael Bolt in Killer calibro 32 Film released in 1967.

Mark (I) Brandon in Once a Thief TV Film released in 1996.

Cliff Burnett in The Paradise TV Series released in 2012.

John (II) Castle in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes TV Series released in 1984.

Jerry Catron in Whispering Smith TV Series released in 1961.

Chick Chandler in Topper TV Series released in 1953.

David (I) Clyde in Mrs. Miniver Film released in 1942.

Barry Cullison in Mike Hammer, Private Eye TV Series released in 1997.

Andrew Dallmeyer in M.I.High TV Series released in 2007.

Ross (I) Elliott in Felony Squad TV Series released in 1966.

William (I) Forrest in Alias a Gentleman Film released in 1948.

Benjamin Forster in Boardwalk Empire TV Series released in 2010.

Bernard (I) Fox in Daniel Boone TV Series released in 1964.

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Who played Carruthers Which actors played the role of Carruthers.

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