Who played the role of Charlemagne | Which actor played Charlemagne

The character of Charlemagne is played by Bresha Webb in Weeds TV Series released in 2005.

Chris Jai Alex in Mia et le Migou Film released in 2008.

Jacques Godin in Inside the Vatican TV Series released in 1993.

Roger Hanin in Sois belle et tais-toi Film released in 1958.

Mirko Katkic in Croatian Kings Film released in 2011.

Jacques Lafolye in Un ticket pour l'espace Film released in 2006.

Patrick Ian McConnell in Sock Monkey Stories Film released in 2013.

Don Megowan in The Shining Beacon TV Film released in 1955.

Jacques (I) Morel in Clara et les m�chants Film released in 1958.

Charles (II) Baker in Inspector Mom TV Series released in 2006.

Will Oberling in The Song of Roland Video released in 2006.

Jean (I) Pascal in L'ami dans le miroir TV Film released in 1980.

Raimu in Charlemagne Film released in 1933.

Patrick (I) Rameau in Ten Souls Rising Film released in 2005.

Benjamin Rayson in Pippin: His Life and Times TV Film released in 1981.

Vyacheslav Tikhonov in Ubit drakona Film released in 1989.

Maxime (II) Tremblay in La gang des hors-la-loi Film released in 2014.

Shigeomi Yamaguchi in Gens� suikoden IV Film released in 2004.

Christian Brendel in Charlemagne, le prince � cheval TV Series released in 1993.

Brian (II) Dare in Pretty Little Liars TV Series released in 2010.

Stephen Dillane in Love and Virtue Film released in 2010.

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Who played Charlemagne Which actors played the role of Charlemagne.

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