Who played the role of Chewy | Which actor played Chewy

The character of Chewy is played by Brittney Scalf in Getting Lucky Film released in 2015.

Allison Zitrick in He-Man Woman Haters Film released in 2005.

Alexander Aguila in Cornered Film released in 2011.

David B. Garrard in Elizabeth's Gift Film released in 2010.

David B. Garrard in Elizabeth's Gift Film released in 2012.

Kirby Heyborne in Team Film released in 2008.

Romany Malco in The Wrecking Crew Film released in 2000.

Matthew McLellan in The BFF Club Film released in 2013.

David (XVII) Barrett in Slingers Film released in 2007.

Toru Ohno in Manslaughter Film released in 2010.

Steven Michael Quezada in Horro Torium Film released in 2011.

Cisco Reyes in Erudition Film released in 2014.

Santiago (V) Romero in Boys of Abu Ghraib Film released in 2014.

Ronald Romo in Whitey TV Series released in 2014.

Sebastian (XXX) in Chewy Film released in 2006.

Randy (I) Spears in Bimbo Cheerleaders from Outer Space! Video released in 1988.

Robby Valls in Angels with Tethered Wings Film released in 2014.

Mike Vanderbilt in Hernandez Video released in 2012.

Robert Keith Wyatt in Pretty Little Liars TV Series released in 2010.

Scott Bowry in Extreme Vengeance Film released in 1990.

Breezie in Urban Legends: Bloody Mary Video released in 2005.

Reb Byers in Jesus of Judson Film released in 1996.

Chris (II) Canfield in Guns, Drugs and Synergy Film released in 2012.

Cree Cathers in Crooked Arrows Film released in 2012.

Shih Chang in Wa dong ren Film released in 2002.

Chewy (III) in Happy Days Film released in 2009.

Anthony (III) De La Cruz in Ghandi Pulls a Dirty Harry Film released in 2010.

Kyle Flower in Unsolved Suburbia Video released in 2010.

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Who played Chewy Which actors played the role of Chewy.

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