Who played the role of Chinese Waiter | Which actor played Chinese Waiter

The character of Chinese Waiter is played by Alice (II) Ko in SF Stories Film released in 2009.

Ivy Ziyu Jiang in Bakerloo Film released in 2015.

Philip Ahn in Desirable Film released in 1934.

Dexter Galang in Closed Circuit Film released in 2013.

Chester Gan in After the Thin Man Film released in 1936.

Chester Gan in Mannequin Film released in 1937.

James Goei in Z Cars TV Series released in 1962.

Otto (I) Hahn in The Hot Heiress Film released in 1931.

Andy (I) Ho in Z Cars TV Series released in 1962.

James (I) Hong in All in the Family TV Series released in 1971.

Oscar Hsu in eXistenZ Film released in 1999.

Jack (I) Huang in Thrillseekers the Indosheen Film released in 2013.

Hank Hum in Vincent et moi Film released in 1990.

Gerald Jann in The Charmings TV Series released in 1987.

Kim Ho Kim in Blauw blauw TV Series released in 1999.

Lee Kim in Anonymous Rex TV Film released in 2004.

Malay Choeung Kim in Break Film released in 2008.

Kristopher Kum in Strangers TV Series released in 1978.

Kristopher Kum in The River Flows East TV Series released in 1962.

Kristopher Kum in The Sandbaggers TV Series released in 1978.

Burt Kwouk in Lucky Feller TV Series released in 1975.

Lee Way Lan in Power Film released in 2014.

Jim (I) Lau in Remington Steele TV Series released in 1982.

Thai-Hoa Le in Pure Laine TV Series released in 2006.

Arnold (I) Lee in Come Spy with Me TV Film released in 1977.

Calvin (I) Lee in The Big Year Film released in 2011.

Eddie (I) Lee in Broadway Rhythm Film released in 1944.

Eddie (I) Lee in Girls Under 21 Film released in 1940.

Eddie (I) Lee in Happiness Ahead Film released in 1934.

Fred (I) Lee in The Big Slice Film released in 1991.

Gai (I) Lee in The Seventh Sin Film released in 1957.

Tommy (I) Lee in Experiment in Terror Film released in 1962.

Tommy (I) Lee in The Wild Wild West TV Series released in 1965.

Winston (II) Lee in Lenny Film released in 1974.

James B. Leong in Red Barry Film released in 1938.

Chowee Leow in Being Considered Film released in 2000.

Chowee Leow in Next of Kin TV Series released in 1995.

Jun (IV) Li in Roses Are Red Film released in 1995.

Jimmy (II) Liao in Poundcake Film released in 2008.

Loo Loy in The Public Menace Film released in 1935.

Benjamin Lum in Small Wonder TV Series released in 1985.

Irvin Matsukiyo in D.C. Cab Film released in 1983.

Dennis Mazuki in Come Spy with Me TV Film released in 1977.

Yah Ming in Second Fiddle Film released in 1957.

Andrew (III) Ng in Mister French Taste TV Series released in 2010.

Phi-Long Nguyen in Bad Mom TV Film released in 2011.

Wong Artarne in Backlash Film released in 1947.

Wong Artarne in Night Has a Thousand Eyes Film released in 1948.

Adam Ong in The Secret Life of Us TV Series released in 2001.

Philip Aejzong Pilr in Michael Jackson: You Rock My World Video released in 2001.

Cy Shim in Wonton Film released in 2005.

Daniel R. Suhart in Peggy Sue Got Married Film released in 1986.

Leland Sun in Dudes Film released in 1987.

Philip Tan in Timecop: The Berlin Decision Video released in 2003.

Philip Tan in Pull the Other One TV Series released in 1984.

Kam Tang in Treasure of Monte Cristo Film released in 1949.

Tony (I) Tang in Little Britain TV Series released in 2003.

Ah Toy in Blackie's Redemption Film released in 1919.

Johnny (I) Tran in The Confession Film released in 1999.

Arsenio 'Sonny' Trinidad in Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City TV Series released in 1993.

Sheng-Chien (I) Tsai in Hummingbird Film released in 2013.

Chun-Wah Tsang in Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself Film released in 2002.

Tom Ung in Escape from Hong Kong Film released in 1942.

Ben (I) Wang in Mickey Blue Eyes Film released in 1999.

Rex Wei in Sink or Swim TV Series released in 1980.

Beal Wong in Danger Patrol Film released in 1937.

Bruce (I) Wong in Devil's Playground Film released in 1937.

Dereck Wong in Highway to Heaven TV Series released in 1984.

Kai J. Wong in The Man Who Loved Women Film released in 1983.

Martin (VI) Wong in Dinner with Hugo Film released in 2013.

Vincent (I) Wong in BBC Sunday-Night Play TV Series released in 1960.

Vincent (I) Wong in Unnatural Pursuits TV Series released in 1992.

Vincent (IV) Wong in Come Spy with Me TV Film released in 1977.

Honorable Wu in Passage from Hong Kong Film released in 1941.

Ping (I) Wu in The '60s TV Film released in 1999.

Trent Yee in Love My Way TV Series released in 2004.

William (I) Yip in Arizona Trail Film released in 1943.

Ric Young in Success Is the Best Revenge Film released in 1984.

Ric Young in The Odd Man TV Series released in 1960.

Ron Yuan in Fakin' Da Funk Film released in 1997.

Ozzie Yue in Stella TV Series released in 2012.

Russell Yuen in The Human Stain Film released in 2003.

Victor Sen Yung in G.I. War Brides Film released in 1946.

Larry Lei Zhang in Learn Chinese with Chinglish Broadway! TV Series released in 2011.

Bruce (II) Chan in The Nugget Film released in 2002.

Jim K. Chan in The Evidence TV Series released in 2006.

Luke Chan in Destination Unknown Film released in 1942.

Luke Chan in Singapore Film released in 1947.

Spencer (I) Chan in Valley of Fire Film released in 1951.

Vitus Chan in A Brother's Tale TV Series released in 1983.

Richard (II) Chang in Never Forever Film released in 2007.

Tseng Chang in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Wayne (I) Chang in East Broadway Film released in 2006.

Peter (I) Chen in The Dead Detective Film released in 2008.

Wells Chen in The Internship Film released in 2013.

Pichai Cherdvivatasin in Turtle Beach Film released in 1992.

David (I) Cheung in Pie in the Sky TV Series released in 1994.

Chao Li Chi in Hold the Rice Film released in 2004.

Clint Chin in An Unmarried Woman Film released in 1978.

Dennis Chin in Come Spy with Me TV Film released in 1977.

Kevin (I) Chin in Wimps Video released in 1986.

Anthony Chinn in My Name Is Harry Worth TV Series released in 1974.

Wallace Choy in Nash Bridges TV Series released in 1996.

Wong (I) Chung in Rafter Romance Film released in 1933.

Fortune Cookie in The Apartment Film released in 1960.

Robert (I) Dahey in Bones TV Series released in 2005.

Zhi Hua Dai in Prank Film released in 2006.

Nigel Fan in Perfect Scoundrels TV Series released in 1990.

Harold Fong in Two for the Seesaw Film released in 1962.

Lee Tung Foo in Hong Kong Film released in 1952.

Lee Tung Foo in Mighty Joe Young Film released in 1949.

Lee Tung Foo in The Show-Off Film released in 1946.

Paul Fung in Dance, Girl, Dance Film released in 1940.

Willie Fung in A Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen Film released in 1942.

Willie Fung in The Mouthpiece Film released in 1932.

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